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I get high with a little help from my friends

29 Apr

Some of my favorite photos we have ever done!! Part 1 – there are more coming tomorrow 😀

IMG_9033I recently saw a fashion photo with a swing and it got me inspired to do our own take on it.  It was easy enough to find some swing sets but it was much more of a challenge to find the most interesting angles and flowing skirts that didn’t reveal too much.  Chelsea had this beautiful outfit and idea that sheer skirts would flow nicely so we threw on some outfits and headed over to the park.  It was a very hot day but we giggled the entire way through this shoot.  Playing on swings was so much fun and we ended up sweaty and out of breath by the end.  I love our time hanging out and working on the blog together, I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime!!

IMG_9030(The sky is never the limit)




IMG_9031(This is one of my favorites.  She is so elegant and graceful)

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San Francisco Love

25 Apr

IMG_5141Since I am taking off in just a few short weeks for Europe, I’ve been thinking about how much I really do love San Francisco.  It’s such a beautiful city.  I constantly find myself photographing it and even spending time photographing one specific place.  One day, a while back, my friend Marc and I went photo adventuring near the Golden Gate Bridge.  He’s an extremely talented photographer and a lot of fun to practice shooting with.



IMG_4530(Marc and I practicing portrait photography)


IMG_4548(Marc shooting some up close and personals with this bird.  Not a bad setting.)



I will never get tired of photographing San Francisco!  It’s an incredible city with some of the most breathtaking views.  I’ll keep the blog updated with my take on other countries as well of course but I wanted to take a minute and share my love for one of the greatest cities in…

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Scalloped Edges

23 Apr

Love, love, LOVE these!!

You ever get to the point where you have more clothes in your closet than you could wear in a month? Well, I’m there now and I some of my things are too ratty to even donate so Britt came up with an idea to save a pair of jeans. It’s really easy, just cut the ends into a scallop shape and turn them into a cuter version of “jorts”.

Jean DIY

(Lay the jean flat and start cutting at the edge)

Jean DIY(Create the scallop shape cut)

Jean DIY(Apply fabric glue to the ends to avoid tearing)

Scalloped Edge Jeans

(I made mine hit just above my knees)

Scalloped Edge Jeans

(It really adds a little something to your Summer look)

I am a big fan of simple DIY projects, they make me excited to make something old look new again!

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Photo Feature – Bre and Tibet

23 Apr

More pretty horse photos 🙂


A few posts back, I teased this shoot I did with my friend Bre and her horse, Tibet.  They were really fun to shoot because they both have very elegant features.  Together, they are showing at an extremely high level after Bre worked Tibet back from recovery not too long ago.  I absolutely love watching these two together and was so grateful that they asked me to shoot some photos of them.  Here are a few of my favorites.


IMG_8557(Bre’s grandfather’s WWII flag draped on Tibet was beautiful)

IMG_8526Springtime is the best time for colorful photos.

Hope you are all having a great week!

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New Beginnings.

19 Apr

Times, they are a changing in a wonderful way :). I will update everyone when I catch a minute to do so! ❤

IFLYesterday Brittany resigned from the office we work in together to start a new adventure! We have a few weeks left together at work and while I am sad that I won’t be able to see her whenever I want anymore, we will still be besties and share all of our good times together on this blog. With that said, I wanted to share one of my very favorite Brittany memories with you all. This is the one that I always reflect on and laugh because if I could describe Brittany in one word, I couldn’t. But I can share this story with you.

First, you should know that my favorite band is the Smashing Pumpkins and hers is the Wombats (who we are seeing tonight so this is very fitting).  It goes like this:

Chelsea: You know, I think I might like Two Door Cinema Club better than the…

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Portugal. The Man

17 Apr

Chelsea went to the Portugal. The Man show last Friday – check out her take on it!

Portugal. The Man has been one of my favorite bands for the past five years. And since moving back home to San Francisco two and a half years ago I have been able to see them play live three times. Each time better than the last and this past Friday’s show at the Independent was no exception. This show had these floating orbs that changed colors, which added a little flare I have never seen before. Check out the pics.


(Once the orbs changed to a solid color, so did the entire room)20130415-105956.jpg

(The Independent is a tiny venue, holding about 400 people. It feels like you are part of the band)



(If he took another step, he’d be in the crowd)

Check out a little snippet of the show. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you soon will. Their new album is due out June 4 and is produced…

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Schoolyard Rock

17 Apr

IMG_7388I went photo adventuring a few weeks ago at a historic school house on the backroads near the barn I ride at.  It was the first school in the area and has been maintained for field trips, weddings, and other events.  It’s really cool to have such a beautiful piece of history so close by.  There were horse tie ups for students that rode to school.  That is my dream, to be able to ride a horse to school or work.  How come some things vanish from the old ways?!




IMG_7394(The flag pole)



IMG_7389(My other friend, Chelsea, came to shoot photos too!  This is her walking to see the baby goats on the other side of the fence)


This gem was practically in the back yard of my barn.  It goes to show, sometimes you just need to look where you are to find hidden treasures.

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Coachella Spotlight Artist to Watch: Alt-J

11 Apr

Get ready and tune in to Alt-J!

IMG_8649If you like music from bands like Mumford and Sons (who actually covered the Alt-J song ‘Tessellate’ in BBC studio session) and the Lumineers mixed with powerhouse vocals, you’ve found your match in Alt-J.  I can’t say enough great things about this band.  They are sky rocketing and rightfully so.  I was introduced to their music by a friend a while back and have caught multiple shows by them.  Each time, they sound flawless.  We were so excited when our work announced that they’d be bringing two of the band members in to perform an acoustic set, we were ecstatic.  They are in CA touring inbetween and around Coachella which they will be performing at both weekends.  If you are going to either weekend, do not miss this band.


IMG_8645(Singing Breezeblocks.  I mean is this real life?!?!)

IMG_8651(So adorable)

IMG_8653(Very nice guys)

Alt-J is exploding with talent.  Check them out…

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Heart Beet Salad

8 Apr

A yummy salad option from Chels today! The best thing you can do for yourself is treat your body right and relish in good health if you’re lucky enough to have it.

It’s super important to fill your body with delicious and healthy food when you can. I love salads because I can mix and match whatever I want. Here is a simple salad that I made last night!

(Place uncooked beets in a baking dish with orange slices surrounding them. Sprinkle with olive oil, salt, and add one cup of water. Cook for 45 minutes at 400 degrees)

(Slice radishes will you wait for the beets to cook)

(Slice a citrus of your choice, I love oranges)

(Put it all on a bed of lettuce and add some goat cheese crumbles)

Make sure you dress with a vinagrette, I made a lime ginger basil which was super simple and very delicious!

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Photo Feature: Jamie and Winny

5 Apr

The beautiful, talented, a good friend, and champion athlete – Jamie featured today!

IMG_7892I did a photo shoot for an extremely talented rider and friend from my barn last week of her and her horse, Winny.  They were beautiful models and I couldn’t have asked for a better shooting day.  Together these two have won many competitions and are really a treat to get to watch.  Such a powerful duo and they are really bonded which is fun to watch.

IMG_7859(This is my favorite photo for it’s softness and natural motion.  They are both beautiful!)






These two were the perfect models and their photos came out beautiful.  I feel so honored that they asked me to take some photos of them 🙂  Happy Friday everyone!

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