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On Me, On You.

29 Jan

Floral jacket
I recently went to Target for toothpaste and oops, I did it again.  I may have ended up with a little bit more than toothpaste.  Like this floral jacket shown above.  I love the pattern (I’ve really been digging any floral prints lately) and cut of it so I swooped it up.  Chelsea and I love sharing clothes but have two different body types.  With an awesome staple piece like this, we can easily share because it compliments both of our bodies in different ways!

(I wear the jacket open because I’m broader up top)

(Chelsea can wrap the jacket because she is much thinner up top)

Both ways the jacket looks cute and allows for any body type to rock.  Next time you head to target to pick up the mundane daily things, don’t forget to wander off path 🙂

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Slicked Back.

28 Jan


I recently picked up this awesome and incredibly comfortable top from Anthropology (thanks to my mom for the Anthro bucks!).  So while Chelsea and I were getting ready for our flea market extravaganza this past weekend, we got down to business.  I pulled my hair back and dressed comfy for island perusing.

(Still rocking my K. Michael Style necklace.  I love it!)

(Forever 21 cut out booties)



Boots and comfy long sleeves are the perfect pair!

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Berner Love.

20 Jan


My parents got a Bernese Mountain Dog (aka “Berner”) at the beginning of Summer and I’m just in love with her.  She’s large, goofy, and oh so lovable.  Her name is Genny, short for Genevieve, and she’s the best.  With this whacky “winter” weather, we’ve been able to enjoy some outdoor weather together!



My mom and I took Genny up in these hills to let her run around a bit.  It’s always nice to let the dogs run free and see that big, tongue wagging smile.

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Breaking Brittany.

6 Jan

One of the best series I’ve ever seen.

imageI was late on the Breaking Bad train so yes, maybe I’m a Breaking Bad bandwagon watcher but it didn’t stop my obsession for such an amazingly written show.  The plot never stopped my mind questioning and wondering, trying to dissect these characters that you want so badly to figure out.  Let’s be honest though, it would be terrible if we could relate to drug dealers, right?  Anyway, my brother, his wife, and their baby live in Albuquerque right now so when my mom and I went to visit, OF COURSE I wanted to see these monumental places that were staple set locations for this incredible series.
Breaking Bad ep 509, shot on 12/7/12 by Ursula Coyote(Remember how Walt and Skylar’s house was destroyed at the end of the series?  Well you can tell from my photo below, it was all just an act of course.)

(See, it’s in one piece.)

(The beloved carwash…)

(It’s HUGE!)

(Inside the carwash is…

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IFL’s 2013 Round Up.

1 Jan

Well what a year!  2013 has been great and we have tons of amazing things to reflect on.  The best things of 2013 were the memories made with friends and family, especially us besties!  Here are some IFL highlights from 2013.  Above was when we were working on updating our site.  Good friends help friends with out of place hair.

We seized the moment during a large flood while in Venice, Italy last May!

We were on-set for a One Repulic music video, “Feel Again.”

We were part of the “Harlem Shake” movement.

We met one of my favorite bands.

We were in a beer commercial!

We traveled, we laughed, we were creative, and most of all we made tons of memories.  That’s what time is all about.  Filling yours with things that matter.  I can’t wait to see what adventures we come across in 2014 and I’m thankful to have…

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