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2 Dec

One day we decided to head over to Waimea to see the falls.  You have to hike back through the gardens to get to the waterfall though where there were so many different species that scientist can’t even estimate how many are in the garden-forest area.

Huge lily pads!

These were not all true, at least on the day we went.

These leaves were HUGE!

Walls of ivy.

Looking up.


The falls.

The classic Hawaiian Hibiscus!

At the end there were peacocks!  There were a few of these large, beautiful birds just walking around.  I wanted to just reach out and pet one but the entire area is somewhat of a reserve so I figured I probably shouldn’t.  They are incredible though.  I loved them 🙂

Waimea is right by Haliewa where we stopped to see the surf comp.  The gardens were beautiful and all but I wouldn’t say it’s a must see of Hawaii.  It’s $15 to get in and just do the walk to the falls that you can’t even jump off of which was the whole point of going in the first place.  It’s extremely beautiful and if you are just looking to go shoot photos or walk around, this would be the place to do it.  In Waimea they also have a famous beach across the road known for it’s extreme shore break and is worth seeing.  Hawaii is truly magical and this might wrap up my Hawaii posts but I might sneak one in next week with all my extra photos just to reminisce again about my wonderful time last week 🙂