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Bottlerock Y’all.

22 May

Chelsea’s VIP Bottlerock experience – is this a good new music festival to check out? She tells you!

So, a pair of VIP tickets to Bottlerock landed in my lap this past Thursday and while I am not a huge fan of festivals, I decided to go because I was going to be in Napa anyway! Nick and I only went on Saturday and here is my official review of the first of what I’m sure will be an annual event.

Crowd(The crowds were there, that’s for sure)

It was a very warm 85 degrees in Napa which was nice because there was a great breeze. On the other hand, it was super dirty and the Expo grounds had hay everywhere which was not great for people with allergies. Other than that, the grounds were an okay location for this event.

Janes(We watched the hysterical Jane’s Addiction play. They were great, I was super impressed and stoked that I got a chance to check them out)

Edward Sharpe(We checked…

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H&M Summer.

22 May

This outfit has gotten a lot of use in Europe so far!

IMG_8967While stocking up on some staples for my European excursion, I hit up H&M for some good staples.  I found a few crucial pieces to bring on my trip that will be good for the warmer days cruising the city streets or biking the country roads.

IMG_8973(H&M gold plated blouse)

IMG_8963(H&M black shorts)

IMG_8970(Betsy Johnson clutch of Chelsea’s)

IMG_8972(I love the colorful bubbles!)

IMG_8975(H&M studded slip ons)IMG_8960I’m more than ready to go!  Everything is so affordable that you won’t feel bad if they get ruined while exploring city streets.  The memories are more important than the clothes but it doesn’t hurt if you feel good, too 🙂

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California Dreamin’

22 May

Chelsea’s maxi!

On a beautiful afternoon in the Bay Area, the best thing to do is eat berries, read a magazine, and lay out on the lawn. Why not do it in style?

F21 dress

(Maxi dresses are the easiest things to wear when the sun is out!)

IMG_8828(Make sure you have your Gucci sunnies on and lots of jewels, we’re in California after all!)

Nylon Magazine

(Brittany and I both love Nylon magazine, it’s got a lot of fashion tips we would never think of)

IMG_8833(The best naps are under the sun)


The weather has been really warm lately and we are definitely trying to soak it up because it will be Winter before you know it!

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What’s Mine Is Yours

22 May

Coachella Come Ups!

Don’t you love it when your friend doesn’t want a cute dress anymore and it becomes yours? Well, Brittany scored this awesome sundress because her friend didn’t need it. Lucky girl!


(It’s simple cut makes it perfect for weekends)

Coachella-Dress-Back(Cut-outs are really trendy right now, this one is understated which we like)

Coachella-Dress-Close-Up(The navajo print is our favorite part of this dress)

Coachella-Wedges(Finishing this look with black wedges couldn’t be easier)

Coachella-Dress-2Next time you are cleaning out your closet, think about if one of your friends might put something to good use. And if they can’t maybe we can!

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Sunshine Maxi

22 May

Maxi dress!


May in the bay brings sun rays and we make every attempt to soak them up!


(a strapless maxi helps minimize tan lines)


(Make sure to protect your eyes with sunnies and your skin with sunscreen)


(Reading can be exhausting so make some time to yourself to relax)


We are enjoying getting the chance to wear skirts and dresses as much as we can. It’s a nice luxury for us especially when San Francisco is always so cold. We are taking advantage of every second!

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Light Smokey Eye How-To

14 May

Same make up pallet, different eyes

For an evening Summer look, the smokey eye is always a great go-to! If you have lighter eyes, it will really make them pop; if you have darker eyes, it will create a more sultry look.


(Start with a color pallet that works for your eye color. Britt’s eyes are blue so pinks and greys work best for this look)

Makeup-Tutorial-First-Step(Apply the lightest color to your entire eyelid)

Makeup-Tutorial-Second-Step(Use the darkest color to fill in the crease)

Makup-Tutorial-Third-Step(Apply shimmer under the brow and use a dark mascara)

Makeup-Tutorial-Final(Voila! It’s really simple!)

I love this  look because it really does make your eye stand out. And it’s so easy to do, that’s the best part!

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Soft Eye Makeup How To

13 May

Some good make up tips for green eyes!

Brittany is the real pro when it comes to applying makeup and she is always teaching me new tricks. Because I don’t love wearing a lot of heavy eye makeup, she puts taught me some tricks to make my eyes pop without going overboard.


(Begin with a color palette that complements your eye color. I have green eyes so pinks and purples work best on me)

C-Makeup-One(Take the softest color and apply to your entire eyelid)

C-Makeup-2(Apply a darker shade to the crease of your eye)

C-Makeup-3(Take a light shimmer and apply to under your brow)

C-Makeup-Final(Apply some mascara and a little blush and you are all done!)

I like this soft look because it is nice and gentle enough for Summer days. I like to add a little bit of gloss to my lips to add just a little bit of color too!

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Berry Full.

8 May

Summer snacks!

IMG_8812While shooting for the blog a few weekends ago, Chels and I knew we needed to grab some snacks to take with us outdoors because we get real cranky without anything to eat for too long.  Chelsea had this great idea to throw some berries in a few glasses to bring with us so we could put them on the ground and know bugs weren’t going to get to them.  Then we realized these would be great party favors, table decorators, or even just a good way to display some healthy snacks.  Since it’s the season of ripe fruit, why not put some out for your friends/guests to enjoy!?

IMG_8814(Could be a great dessert party favor!)




This was an easy, accidental find but a great one at that!  Surprise yourself or a friend with a healthy snack and fun wine glass to take home 😀

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Today Is The Greatest.

7 May

Love, Love, Love Chelsea’s 90’s look!

Much like yesterday’s post, I am obsessed with 90’s alternative music and culture for that matter. I loved Empire Records, Angus, and of course Smashing Pumpkins. In the 90’s I wore nothing but band tee’s and painted each of my nails a different color. I had a huge boombox that would have Siamese Dream on loop, all day every day. I am pretty sure my mom wanted to kill me but that was the 90’s and it was awesome.

REM Monster

(In the 90’s it was all about denim and baby doll dresses. You’ll notice it’s starting to come back!)

hair(I don’t remember ever straightening my hair even once)

demin(This cropped jean jacket is something I just picked up from UNIQLO)

IMG_8986(Doc Martens were super popular. These are a tamer version of those but I still love the look of a combat boot and a skirt)

90’s music has never left…

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Smells Like Teen Spirit.

6 May

Nothing but 90s.

903Back when Chelsea and I channeled some of our favorite icons (Gwen Stefani and Audrey Hepburn), we thought to ourselves that we should also do a post on different eras.  It just so turns out that we both really only experienced the 90’s when we weren’t infants, so obviously it’s our favorite.  It has become so funny now that after I picked out my wardrobe pieces for the shoot, they are the pieces I tend to wear ALL the time.  Maybe I’ll always be a 90’s queen and I’m OK with that.

904(Brandy Melville American flag tank)

905(Frayed denim shorts from BP)

902(Nordstrom BP round sunnies)

901(Denim/Cotton mixed jacket from Forever21, ring pop essential and side pony = priceless)

What’s your favorite era?!

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