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Opening night at Totem by Cirque du Soleil in San Francisco!

31 Oct

Cirque du Soleil made it’s debut in San Francisco this past Friday night premiering it’s Totem show at AT&T park, home of the San Francisco Giants.  This was very exciting for me to attend because I have never seen a Crique du Soleil show before.  I’ve been to Vegas a few times and have always wanted to go but never was able to  make it happen.  I worked a lot on the media campaign for this show so I was able to attend opening night with one guest, so I brought my partner in crime (Ian) as he’d never seen a Cirque before either.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but now that I’ve seen it, I can see why people rave about the show.  It’s really incredible for numerous reasons.  My favorite performances have to be the acrobats.  The show started out very strong with the trampoline acrobats spinning, flipping and climbing around this neanderthal like structure in synchronization.  I was also impressed with the women who rode unicycles that were about  15 feet high and balancing plates on their feet which they’d then hurl up onto the head of their neighbor.  It was truly out-there acrobats and talent.

The parts I could have lived without seeing were a few of the skits and the more clown-like acts.  Don’t get me wrong, the Borat type skits were hilarious and I laughed out loud through those but some of the others dragged on.  However without these, I’m sure the performers would have a hell of a time trying to get ready for their next act.  I also wasn’t so impressed with the baton twirling and circle dancing.  It’s impressive in it’s own way and I certainly couldn’t do it but it wasn’t the stand out of the show to me and I could have done without it.

One of my favorite aesthetic assets to the show was the set design…

This picture doesn’t do it justice but the way the stage was set up with the lighting made it transformable for each different set.  There would be ceiling projections of ocean waves crashing and shadows swimming in the water.  Then the characters would pull themselves out of the “water” from under the stage in perfect timing.  It was INCREDIBLE how fine tuned the show is in certain aspects.

There was also suspension from the ceiling of the tent and the “Crystal Man” was the centerpiece of the show.  He’d lower down and spin on his cable to these lights that would project prisms all over the tent.  It was so beautiful and unique.

I would absolutely recommend seeing Totem while they are in town here.  It was easy to get to with tons of parking (paid and free).  If you’ve never seen one, it’s worth seeing once in your life.

What Cirque’s have you seen?  I’d love to hear about other note-worthy ones.

Happy Monday 🙂

All photos from the Cirque site.