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21 Dec

Happy Holidays!


Well 2012 is coming to an end and we wanted to make a short “thank you, we love you, please don’t ever leave us” video for the holidays.  We will be taking a break next week as we hope you do as well 😀

Anyway, we really do appreciate you guys so enjoy some time with your family and friends over the holidays.  See you all soon!

Capital CitiesOh yeah, we also convinced the amazing band Capital Cities to be a part of a holiday photo with us after they did a performance yesterday!  They are really amazing and you should check them out when they come to a city near you 🙂

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20 Dec

Love you guys!

Thank you so much for being a part of IFL’s successful launch in 2012! We couldn’t be happier with the posts that we have created and are so thankful for your continued support. We wanted to take a moment to recognize some of our favorite people and moments that this blog offered us. So without further delay, we present IFL’s 2012 Awards!

Biggest Trooper: Shannon

Shannon(We lied and told her we were making crafts. No, that didn’t happen)

Funniest Guest Star: Greg

Greg(There are no words for how funny he is)

Biggest Diva: Amante

Diva(He would’t stop eating the entire time, would walk off whenever he wanted to, and made it loud and clear that he was the real star of these photo shoots when he sent us an invoice for his services. Geesh, diva)

Funniest Photo: 12 Year Old Brittany

BB(This picture cracks me up every time!)


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18 Dec

One of my favorite posts we’ve ever done.

IFL Headquarters

I guess (s)he wasn’t that into us. You know this blogging thing is a real wave of emotion.  One day someone new clicks that magical “+follow” symbol on your page (hint hint) and cha-ching we’ve got a true friend for life!  A golden email brightens up our mailbox and we instantly giggle with delight for it is a glorious moment. But guess what? It isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows because apparently they can un-follow us just as easily! What gives, WordPress? What gives?! Seriously, if we try to unsubscribe to a local grocery store mailing list we have to call an 800 number, wait on hold for 15 minutes, give them our mothers’ maiden name and then agree to full body cavity search we must plan for later that week- and it must be that week; we have to take a day off of work. The “unfollow” button is a…

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13 Dec

One thing you can always count on about San Francisco is the chilly Winters. Sometimes the weather is in between freezing and on-the-verge-of-being-nice which is why we always have a beanie on hand! We snapped some shots on our lunch break displaying all the different kinds of beanies we love to wear.

1(the slouchy beanie is one of our favorites, it is pretty trendy in this city)

2(I love this beanie on Brittany! She always reminds me of Waldo in it, a prettier Waldo of course.  Beanie: Sessions brand)

3(I picked up this slouchy one in Chinatown for $5- they have some sweet deals)

4(I am borrowing this beanie for my trip to Paris since it covers your ears!)

5(This one resembles a beret, I grabbed it at Anthropologie a few years ago)

6(the slouchy black beanie is a definite classic.  Beanie: Free People)

7(This is one of Britt’s floral…

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12 Dec

Small, colorful glimpses


I’m a photo heavy post-er.  We absolutely love photos, creativity and colors which is why we love instagram so much!  We both love to post photos but you can keep up with the dailies of us crazy girls on Instagram (@Cregnani and @Justalittlebrit).  We are often on the go and every now and then stop to capture something out of the norm.  Below is a collection of our recent favorites we’ve snapped along the way.

IMG_3225(The Killers)




IMG_3226(The Killers)






IMG_3131(Two Door Cinema Club)




IMG_3197(Imagine Dragons)




photo(Chels met Portugal. the Man)




IMG_3139(Jack White)



IMG_2608(Grace Potter performing “Stars”)









We love looking at photos and taking them.  San Francisco provides endless inspiration for that.  We have a few things coming up that I think will entertain, including BLIDEO #2…  Stay tuned.

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6 Dec

My trip to visit my brother in Texas ended up in a San Antonio adventure with my mom!

Last month my entire family went out to Texas to see my brother graduate from pilot school.  This took place in a very southern point in Texas but we flew out of San Antonio when heading home.  On our last day, my mom and I decided to explore the town and take photos of what we found.  It was a great adventure and goes to show Texas has some gems.  (The above was taken outside of the Alamo)

IMG_4774(Finding our way around the Alamo)

IMG_4811(This guy wasn’t messing around.  Total babe.)





IMG_4798(My mom and I)

IMG_4805(The gardens)



IMG_4794(So beautiful)



IMG_4825(After wondering around the Alamo, we proceeded through the downtown streets and Riverwalk of San Antonio)

IMG_4852(I love interesting lights and architecture)

IMG_4853(The Riverwalk is a big touristy area to explore)

IMG_4848(I loved this huge ivy wall)



IMG_4835(Goofing around at the wax museums morphing mirrors)

IMG_4836(My kind of wind chime)



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5 Dec

Love night time adventures with Chels!

University of San Francisco

At night San Francisco really lights up so we decided that we would walk around our neighborhood and document some of the beautiful parts that we get to see every night. University of San Francisco is close by and the front of the school is illuminated so brilliantly that it is hard not to be mesmerized by it. In our first of a new series we will be calling “Night-Timing” we are going to show you the campus of the University of San Francisco. We will let the pictures speak for themselves.











There you have it, the University of San Francisco at night. It’s actually very lively, students were walking around us the entire time and there was even a family of raccoons that scared the living sh*t out of us (me). It was an awesome walk and a very beautiful campus that I am so lucky to live near.

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4 Dec

IMG_5523I do love Christmas time.  It’s a wonderful holiday and I love seeing all of the lights that decorate homes and businesses.  There’s something special about the holidays (besides all of the madness).  This year, I wanted to customize my parents tree since I don’t have room for a tree at my own place.  These are extremely easy and you can really customize these for your own holiday needs.  However, I can’t lie.  This idea really came to me while standing in a store staring at some seriously hideous and ridiculously expensive ornaments.  Have you ever thought to yourself, I could do that for way cheaper and do a much better job?!  Well, you probably can.

IMG_5521(This idea originated with the idea of making snow globe ornaments.  All you need are some clear ornaments and some sparkles.)

IMG_5525(Sparkly snow ornaments!  Hand model: my mom)

IMG_5539(Ta da!)

IMG_5529(Then I thought, what…

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