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Oh Siena.

18 Sep

Things to be seen

IMG_9752While we were parading around Italy last May, we went on a road trip to Siena for a day.  It was a beautiful drive and the skies were perfectly enchanting.  While we wandered around this walled city, we got carried away with the mesmorizing sights.  How can a place be this beautiful?!







I’d love to go back.  Funny side note: we pulled over to the side so I could drop a coin into this majestic wishing well.  My coin purse was from a long time ago and I’d brought it from home to Europe as it had a bunch of Euros still in it.  After waiting for the herds of children to part ways just enough for me to squeeze up to the well, I pulled out a coin as they all stared in amazement that I was actually going to drop a coin in.  I started to think maybe…

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Jungle Book.

11 Sep

Chelsea’s boyfriend had the chance of a lifetime in Africa! Check out his photos, they are awesome

My boyfriend just came back from a three week trip to Africa and I wanted to share some amazing photos that he took. He had a great time and highly recommends this trip!





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September Skies.

5 Sep

IMG_4003Well San Francisco’s perfect months are finally upon us.  If you’re from the Bay Area you know that San Francisco always shines in September and October.  I’m taking full advantage of these gorgeous nights.  I went for a coastal walk after work the other day and the sights were just unbelievable.  You can start at Ocean Beach and head north through the Sutro Baths and continue on until you see views of the Golden Gate.




IMG_3925Sutro Baths.

IMG_3915Love it.

Even if you work during the day, it’s not too late afterwards to get outside.  You have to take advantage of these amazing months in the city.

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