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Bonus to my Flashback Friday…. Jellies!

30 Sep

I know that kids from my elementary school were really into Jellies but I’ve always wondered, were these a National and/or International hit as well?!?  I mean Jellies were technically the original crocks but cuter and in much better ’80s colors!  I’m just biased though because in an age where you really fixate on one thing at a time, my Jellies were it.  I had one pair and I wore them until those suckers broke!  They keep trying to re-create Jellies and make them a big item again BUT they have gone seriously wrong with some new styles.  Here are ones that I think feel short of the originals…

These definitely do NOT encompass the comfort-ability nor the versatility of the originals.  I mean how are you supposed to build rock dams in your back yard creek or climb the jungle gym in these???

The only word that comes to mind is WRONG!

Come on now…. that’s not even a true Jelly anymore!!!!!

Anyway, now I’ve spent way too much time investigating Jellies when my memories will suffice 🙂  Was anyone else into Jellies or have something from Elementary School that they loved??