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“Whatever’s in the Fridge” Dinner.

29 Jul

Ahhh, Sunday. Lazy, lazy Sunday. It’s the day you don’t want to spend one second in the grocery store but unfortunately you have to eat somehow! This Sunday, I scavenged through the refrigerator and created something using what I had in the crisper drawer. Luckily, Nick subscribes to a vegetable delivery service who delivers us fresh fruit and veggies every other week. I happened to have a few items left over and this was what I whipped up, it was actually very tasty!

DSC_1852(I began by sauteeing fingerling potatoes and adding a pinch of salt and pepper. Once those were almost finished, I added in a handful of grape tomatoes and cooked them just until they were about to burst)

DSC_1854(I boiled fresh green beans and carrots)

DSC_1855(I added some feta cheese to white basmati rice that I had just cooked)

DSC_1856(Finally, I tossed them all together and added some fresh…

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Travel Thursday.

24 Jul


Over the weekend, my friend Emily and I picked a place on the map and decided to meet up there for the day.  We grabbed our guys and some floaties to take off for our own lake for the day.  I’d share where this location is except then it wouldn’t be ours anymore now, would it?  My best suggestion is check out a map and pick a spot.  Start an adventure 🙂

We had to take some backroads so it’s a good thing Emily and Matt have a truck that can cruise over anything!

The clouds looked like they were coming in so we weren’t sure what sort of weather we’d end up with.

But we kept going and ended up with a lake stealing the only sunshine of the day.  We had awesome weather and it was fun to float while watching the storm pass by.

It was beautiful. …

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SF Yogi.

22 Jul

I’ve become addicted to yoga ever since joining the rock climbing gym a while back.  A friend got me into climbing and when I saw the gym had yoga for climbers I was excited to sign up.  It’s become part of my routine and I’m so thankful to have found such amazing classes!  Once I realized yoga and climbing were part of my weekly routine, I knew I needed to add some fun to my work out wardrobe.  A good friend of mine suggested Onzie yoga apparel and my awesome boyfriend got me a pair of their killer peacock yoga leggings for my bday.  I’m obsessed, they are definitely a good yoga pant and they have so many fun patterns!

Yoga has been so good for my mind and body.  Every new pose that comes into my practice that I wasn’t able to do before, reminds me that in time…

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Marin Headlands.

16 Jul


Rob and I spent one Friday evening in the Marin headlands just wandering through all the beauty it has to offer.  It was a gorgeous night as people were fleeing the bay area and we took full advantage of a desolate staycation.  In this situation, we claimed the mountains as ours and just soaked it all in.


Follow me here.


Ocean breeze.

Rob snapping photos with my dad’s vintage film canon camera.

Can you spy?

Summer nights, le sigh.

Tunnel back to the other side.


It was a perfect night!

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Something About Sequins.

14 Jul

IMG_9782When I was younger all I wore was silver but as I got older I fell in love with rose gold and pretty much all of my (costume) jewelry is in some shade of gold. I think it pops in a fun way and doesn’t tarnish nearly as quickly as sterling silver. I’m getting off track here, what I mean to say is that gold sequins are beautiful and is what initially attracted me to this sheer top. I instantly knew it would look great with this mustard pencil skirt I had been frustrated with, it was so difficult to find something that complement it.

IMG_9778(I picked this thin top up at the Abercrombie & Fitch outlet, for only $2.99!)

IMG_9784(H&M Skirt, Charlotte Russe rings)

IMG_9783(I love how versatile the top is, it is great paired with jeans for a lively day outfit or paired with a pencil skirt or skinny…

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11 Jul


Chelsea and I started this journey as a humor blog because we both tend to be what other people often call “ridiculous”. But, we just see it as having a good time.  In honor of all the fun we’ve had together over the past few years, I thought I’d share some our best outtakes.  The above is from when we hit up the post-Halloween sale at a nearby drug store and scored these two $1 wigs.  We fooled not only people on the streets but our family members as well.

(Our costume choices for the Harlem Shake movement we participated in.)

(The moment we both tried on the same headband and turned around to realize we had picked the same one!)

(7/11 is TODAY, go get your free slurpeeeeees!)

(Outside Lands with Geographer!)

photo (1)(We were the opening act for Karmin at the CBS studios. Hey, we didn’t get boo’d off!)

(Graceful pool days.)


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Bold Prints.

8 Jul

IMG_9889On my very first trip to New York ever, I made it into a very packed Zara in SoHo and found this awesome dress. I absolutely love the print and the mod feel, not to mention the cool middle pockets that I usually only find on sweatshirts. Another fun fact about this dress, Lena Dunham was recently wearing it while shooting the new season of Girls.


(Perfectly paired blue chandelier earrings- Charlotte Russe. Notice the boxy sleeves, I love this!)


(Love the pocket detail and that playful coral costume ring)

IMG_9892(My new obsession, this slip on flats- Franco Sarto)


This is a great dress to slip on when the weather starts to heat up. The cut is simple but unique and I always gravitate towards anything that flares a bit. It’s a great dress for my build!

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American Love.

2 Jul

IMG_9864The softest, comfiest, and all around coziest tank top I have ever tried on is pictured above. Honestly, this tank feels like a pillow made out of clouds and suede, I love it! The American flag heart is such a perfect image for this week! With the Fourth right around the corner, we thought we should feature this piece found at Charlotte Russe.

IMG_9866(I love the worn in grey tones, it makes it that much more chic)

IMG_9865(I love pairing grey with a bold color like red, it makes the outfit look much more complete)


It’s the Fourth, put on something cozy and run to the nearest BBQ. Summer is officially here!

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Red, White, and Blue.

1 Jul


I love summertime and especially when the fourth of July rolls around.  It feels like summer is in full swing and it’s a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate the long, warm nights.  This year, my festive outfit is not as outwardly red, white, and blue as I’ve done in the past but a simple white dress with red lips and blue nails.

Revlon red lip gloss and Maybelline blue polish.

Charlotte Russe gold plated flats.


I’m ready for the fourth!

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