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Some things are growing really fast

23 Aug

A few weekends ago my family had a huge summer BBQ to celebrate my brother’s summer birthday, most recently.  The ‘kids’ of the family are all summer babies so it’s easiest for us to get together all at once and just enjoy each others company.  Vicki, of course, pulled off an AMAZING summer soiree.

Vicki made bbq chicken breast, grilled asparagus, summer salad, watermelon slices, and amazing potatoes.

Someone also out enjoying the summer was Big Al, the family heirloom.

Here’s my brother and his fiance Liz watching this wondrous animal.

He’s getting HUGE!  Here’s perspective next to an ever-so-classy beer : )

You can’t forget my nephew, Luke.  He has become quite the water baby and of course made himself at home in a small turtle swimming pool.

Nicole and Luke 🙂

My step brother Tyler always making something delicious on the bbq!

I love getting to see all my family.  We all live within an hour drive of each other but get so busy in this crazy world that it’s nice to plan down time together.  I appreciate any family time I can get 🙂

Tyme for Tea

17 Aug


Just two weekends ago was my brother’s fiance, Liz’s, bridal shower at a place called Tyme for Tea in Fremont, CA.  Vicki threw the party for Liz and it was a “tea” time theme at a very cute tea house nestled in the cozy Niles downtown of Fremont.  Here are some pictures from the fun celebration = )

The adorable table decor!

The bride to be, Liz, is on the left!  Her mother (middle), Nancy, and sister (right) came up for the shower from Orange County for the weekend.  It was a great family weekend.

There are different set ups for event options but Vicki chose a wonderful option of a three course tea time which started out with these amazing home-made warm blueberry scones (with additional dressings of scrumptious flavors).

The second course was many different types of petite sandwiches.  From a fresh, crisp cucumber sandwich to a warm cheesy, artichoke sourdough bites, there were many great selections.

And alas, The third course… desserts!  The blueberry cheesecake confections were my favorite!  Believe it or not, I was SO full after these three little meals.  They were just the right amount of food.

Everyone was having such a great time catching up over tea and/or the most amazing peach champagne I’ve ever had in my entire life.

(Left to right) Pat, Liz, my mom (in the back), Haley, and Vicki!

The whole set-up was beyond cute.

The moms and Liz =)

Liz opened all of her wonderful presents before we ended our tea time.  This was definitely a GREAT idea for a bridal shower.  It’s a small enough setting that you can catch up with everyone but also sit and enjoy the treats.

After the shower, we went back to my parents house to rescue my “neglected” brother (aka groom to be).  He was happily drinking his great white out of a great white beer coozie and watching shark week.  The happy life of a soon to be married couple 🙂