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In the Mood for Modcloth

30 Jun

One of our very favorite (and SF local) online shopping sites is Modcloth! If you haven’t heard of it, you should check out their fun pieces now. What we love about Modcloth is the fact that they have stylish pieces at a price point that isn’t going to break the bank. Britt and I thought it would be fun to pick out one dress that would look good on both of our body types and build two different looks based on our personal style.

ModCloth-BoardI chose the finishing touches to a perfect “day” look. When I saw this dress, I instantly pictured myself sailing or near the beach somewhere enjoying the sun! This tote is the perfect pop of color that this striped dress needs, plus it is reversible! I don’t go anywhere without a watch on my wrist, and I fell in love with this classic piece.  Lastly, I always bring…

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Take Us Back, Tuesday.

24 Jun

Member last year at this time when we were splashing through the narrow streets of Venice?  OK, well we definitely remember and talk often about what an awesome Europe trip we had together last year.  Out of the multiple rounds of photos we took, we hardly shared the best ones including some outtakes.  Hopefully these can provide you a good laugh on this fine Tuesday or at least just a little internet getaway.


We really got silly when the weather didn’t let up.

Trying for the “splash” shot.

Monitoring the weather.


The water kept rising and rising.


I’ve heard the saying a million times “Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain” and we couldn’t agree more!

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Summer Splash.

12 Jun

Summer Splash.I picked up this new pleated top from Anthropologie, and love the tie in the middle! It’s very loose fitting which is nice and the drawstring cinches the waist to add a bit of shape. I love the neutral coloring because it pairs well with my favorite super bright Kate Spade purse!

IMG_9718(I love the turquoise nails against the coral purse)

IMG_9732(You can see flying geese detail of the shirt print too)

IMG_9726(Franco Sarto flats)


Ready for summer in the city!

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Tribal Maxi.

11 Jun


I got this maxi recently and it’s turned out to be my new favorite go to for week and weekend days.  It’s a lightweight material and the colors are so bright, it puts me in an instant good mood.  I paired it with a good wide brimmed hat from the Gap and some gladiator sandals.


It’s got a fun racerback!

Adding in some fun gladiators.


An easy outfit for the upcoming warmer days!

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Red, White, and Blue.

10 Jun


Brittany had the clever idea to gear up for the 4th by wearing red, white, and blue! I picked up this blouse at H&M and have loved pairing it with white pants, white on white!

IMG_9694(Kate Spade bag)

IMG_9696(Lucky Brand blue booties)

IMG_9699(Red lipstick finishes the look!)


Summer’s finally here!

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Crystal (Be) Mine.

4 Jun


On my recent trip, Emily took me to see the Crystal Mines in the mountains.  We reached it just as the sun was starting to drop behind the mountains and it was such a beautiful time of day.  The crystals were shining so bright and it was such a gorgeous sight.


Running to the top!


Crystals everywhere!



It was such a great adventure to get to see this crystal mound tucked away in the mountains.  I even took a few home 🙂

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Tahoe Tuesday.

3 Jun


This past weekend I was able to spend some time with one of my greatest friends from high school on.  Her and her husband now live in a beautiful area near Tahoe and we spent this past weekend exploring it.  Nothing like a good weekend adventure 🙂


Of course, we couldn’t leave these two behind!

We stumbled upon this amazing meadow.

Making wishes.

Little dog, big shadow.


Views for days.



Stay tuned for pictures of the Crystal Mine we visited!

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Monday Inspiration – If you want to change the world

2 Jun

I absolutely love this speech and man for his wisdom.  A great 20 minute inspirational speech to get your mind right.

If you want to chnage the world…

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