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30 Nov

Everyone can be fancy this holiday season

It’s that time of year when people invite themselves over and intrude upon your private space because it is the holidays and they want to spend time with you. Sigh. Alright, we’ll play nice and try to accommodate the best we can. We gathered some tips on how to spruce up your apartment in a pinch and give the false impression that you live in a civilized manner all year round.

1. First Impressions.

Gerard Butler

(Make your boyfriend, friend, or roommate greet your guest at the door dressed as your personal butler. This is important in fooling your guest into thinking you are living a highly refined life. Actually one better, get Gerard Butler to dress as a butler and answer the door for you, whatever you do after that pretty much won’t matter.)

2. Tidy Up.

(Don’t have time for a deep clean? Don’t worry, there is an easy…

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29 Nov

I really do love pretty things.

I know the premise of our blog is typically humorous (at least we think) but sometimes I can’t help it.  I just love pretty things.  A lot of those pretty things tend to be in nature so I wanted to share some of the prettiest things I’ve seen recently.  Most things can’t be done justice in a photo but I do love to try.  Hawaii is heavenly and last week while I was there, I never fell short of inspiration.  I truly felt thankful to be spending time with my family in such a beautiful place.

(I loved the walking/running paths along the ocean.  You just can’t beat the views)

(The water is always warm)

(Sunsets that paint the entire sky)

(Unreal lighting)

(Vibrant colors)

(The baked goods are amazing)

(Unbelievable Sunsets)

The Hawaiian islands are magical for many reasons.  If you like pretty things the way I do, you will be…

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27 Nov

We searched for some of SF’s most interesting and colorful tags and Haight St seemed to bring out the winning pieces.

San Francisco is a city that embraces art and expression of many kinds. Graffiti and urban artwork can be found on pretty much every corner. While some of it is actually destructive vandalism, we wanted to highlight the mural art that shows true talent and adds color to some of the city streets.

(Our lunch walks often take us down Pacific Street close to the North Beach end. This mural is on the back of a very cute coffee shop and you know how we love getting our caffeine on)

(Haight Street is an infamous area that I live close to. It is full of all kinds of “colorful” people and the walls are no different. I read the word “Smile” in this, do you?)

(Brittany gets lost in the colors)

(This rainbow is full of tiny drawings iconic to San Francisco. The orange area is my favorite illustrating the…

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21 Nov

The smaller things in life to be thankful for 🙂

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, we were reminded of the countless things we are thankful for. Our family, friends, health- okay, enough of that crap let’s get to the real things we couldn’t live without.

(Yup, Beer Goggles! You know, when you have a glass or bottle of wine and decide that everything you see in the department store is something you just can’t live without. The next morning you wake up screaming “why did I buy another purple tutu?!” You wouldn’t have bought it sober and that would have been a damn shame, so thank you Beer Goggles, we are grateful for you)

(When Brittany and I were figuring out the details of this post, we originally meant Unexpected Cuties as in hot men we walk by from time to time. But you know what? I can live without a random cute boy siting, but how can I live without…

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16 Nov

Get crazy, it’s Friday!

Sometimes when I am sitting at my cubicle I wonder how it compares to a jail cell.  Both are dimly lit and kinda cold but maybe a cubicle is better, it’s hard to say. The other day Britt and I came into work both wearing stripes- fitting, huh? I am always reminded of Alcatraz when I see people in stripes so we decided to escape from jail for a little while and snap some photos outside with window bars and brick.

(The trick to looking like you haven’t just escaped from anywhere is walking with swagger. I was feeling a little bit like a badass this afternoon with this new turtleneck on. No one ever suspects a person in a turtleneck of anything but being awesome…I think)

(My “just released from the Clink” look)

(Close up of the buttons going up my neck and would you look at that, it’s…

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14 Nov

Don’t want to forget these things on your upcoming travels!

We’ve been on the go A LOT this past month or two and there are some things that are must pack items.  We thought we’d share these things in case you have any trips coming up and need an easy check list of the random things that will screw you if you forget!

1. Eye Drops

(Being so high up in the air can really dry out your eyes so keeping this with you will help to ensure that you can keep your eyes open long enough to scout all the hotties on the plane)

2. Snack Bars

(You don’t want to turn into a crazy hungry person while you are squished in between two people on a place. And also bring an empty water canteen, I fill these up at the airport to save money)

3. Scarf/Beanie 

(Like these ones because you can also use them as a blanket-…

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13 Nov

I love this easy DIY earring/jewelry holder Chels made! You can always snag some inspiration from your local art stores!

Yesterday, Brittany and I were harassing our local art store helper when in the midst of cracking our usual jokes, I had a really amazing idea for an earring holder I needed. Maybe you need one too?

(Start with some tacky glue, cork board, pretty nails, rhinestones (optional), awesome giraffe paper (not optional), and a shadowbox)

(Cut the cork board to fit the shadowbox and then cover it with the giraffe paper using the tacky glue)

(Take the giraffe covered cork board and place it into the shadowbox without the glass)

(Scatter the nails into the cork board)

(Hang your earrings, rings, and bracelets on the nails. You can also place the rhinestones on the ends of the nails if you would like)

(I am excited by the end result!)

I am always a fan of anything that looks cute and can keep me organized. It took about 30…

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6 Nov

You think you know, but you have no idea…

We started noticing an undeniable trend- men we knew had a long history of dating crazy people. Maybe we had a bit of that same past too and wanted to see if there was any reasoning behind it all. We decided to create our first Blideo* (Blog+Video) which is not to be confused with a Vlog (Video+Blog) because they’re totally different. Take a look because our evidence is just f@#%ing all over the place.

*Blideo naming rights, credit, and royalties belong to one Rabbit.

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2 Nov


It’s no secret that we are a couple of wild women taking this city by storm! People are always asking us how we stay so fierce all of the time and the answer is easy- Animal Prints! Animal prints don’t just look good on animals anymore, they look good on people too! We know, CrAzY! Take a look at some of our favorite things!

(This bag by Juicy Couture is the cat’s meow. Rawr!)

(This wallet is a small snap clutch that I scooped up in the BP section of Nordstrom)

(This puffy sleeved shirt was a steal at Forever 21)

(The compliments keep coming after I scored these velvet crops at Anne Taylor Loft this season)

(Showing my wild side in this cheetah print cardigan from Forever 21)

(Apparently we love cardigans and Chelsea rocks this adorable Anne Taylor Loft cheetah cardigan)

It’s an urban jungle out there people…

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