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Some SF shots

28 Apr

Random places in SF that I like.

The Bay Bridge, naturally 🙂 and walks along the water.

The large art structures inside of all of the Embarcadero Centers (there are four of these large buildings with four different art pieces).

The Ferry Buildings Farmers Markets on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The park a block away from my work where there are always friendly dogs on my lunch breaks.  I love this tiny piece of outdoors in the middle of the city.

The amazing view from the fifth floor lobby.

Anywhere I go, you can count on the fact that I will take a picture no matter how silly it may seem.

Today was no ordinary Monday…

26 Apr

As I arrive at work, I get word that Hugh Jackman was in the building.  Therefor, I knew my friends and I must meet him.  He was so nice and very friendly.  This was no ordinary Monday that is for sure.

I hope every week can start out just as fantastic 🙂

Nothing like…

26 Apr

…this face greeting you after a long day 🙂  Then I know all the traveling is worth it, getting a ride in at the end of the day.

Family Heirloom?

25 Apr

Where to start…  My father has always had a connection with animals that are not your average pet.  Needless to say, was I surprised when he bought a tortoise that is going to live over 100 years old and be up to 200 lbs?  No.  Was I surprised to learn that this tortoise will be passed down to me and then my children someday? YES!  I have always thought about what a neat animal this Tortoise is but imagining having this Tortoise my entire life??  I’m just starting to adjust to this idea and thought I’d share my future heirloom with all of you.

Meet big Al.  The little statue next to him is the size he was when my dad got him a year ago.  He was originally named Alice because only a vet can sex a tortoise when they are young.  We just assumed he was a girl back in those days but little did we know, throughout time, the tortoise is actually a boy haha so his name is now Al.

Here is my dad and his prized possession.  He literally loves this tortoise and is excited for the day when this tortoise is too large to lift.

I had a hard time grasping the reality that this thing is going to be mine some day and is going to be larger than a pet should be.  In order to try to embrace my future pet, I decided to ask my dad for more information and he had the idea to take Ian and I to a tortoise reserve.  At this reserve, there are many full grown tortoises.  Here is the size of what Al is going to be in a few years:

The man who owns this tortoise facility, gets them from all over.  People will just drop off tortoises that have out grown their home or injured tortoises.  He then nurses them back to health and gives them a great tortoise friendly home.  People can also adopt from here.  These two above were huge!  We asked how much weight they could hold and he just stepped right on top of one of them while it kept walking.  The horse riding side of me of course wanted to hop on.  Ask and you shall receive…

The tortoise would keep walking while we sat on top.  They must be able to hold an extraordinary amount of weight.  Our tortoise grows like crazy and I’ll update photos every 6 months or so, so that you can see this over sized turtle develop.  Until then, here are some more photos.

This photo was taken today, on Easter Sunday.

Work fun

24 Apr

I love the people I work with and we have been having a lot of fun on our lunch time adventures.  The other day we went back to that catwalk at the Orient Hotel and also we found a free museum with tons of history and fun things to play with!

Here’s Chelsea, she cracks me up!  She is hilarious and this saddle you could hop on and then they had a set up camera that takes your pic and places it in a fake newspaper hence the next photo.

We are famous, ha!  This is Chelsea, Rani and I on the saddle.

Cardboard cutout.

Glad we have each other to entertain ourselves at work and on our breaks 🙂

Chelsea didn’t like the elevator ride..

Friday we also had another fun adventure because we had a lounge with BC Jean, the original singer songwriter of “If I were a boy.”

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and Mumford and Sons at the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland

23 Apr

I have no idea where to even start explaining this show or why this venue isn’t used more.  It was honestly one of the most beautiful outdoor venues I’ve ever been to.  I took some photos and you can see them below 🙂

The sun was setting and the entire Financial District was outlined in the background, pretty surreal.

These two made me smile all night, we danced and sang and loved every minute of this concert together.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!!

He is a dancing machine.

Getting up close and personal.

Love these two!!

I love the sound of violins.

Jade and Alexander

And then they brought Mumford out…

Mumford and a magnetic zero breaking it down.

He stayed and jammed with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for a while, it was incredible.  I couldn’t have paired two bands better together.

All the people.

San Francisco.

Mumford and Sons!

The finale…. all bands, one stage, best. dance. music. party. ever.

Looking for a summer outdoor adventure??

21 Apr

Last summer I went on the most amazing trip to Whistler, Canada.  There are the most amazing hikes there and some of the most UNREAL scenery.  I am trying to figure out where I can go this summer but in the mean time, maybe some of these photos will inspire some of you to go to one of the most beautiful places in the world for a summer get away!

Here I am at Green Lake.  It’s about a half hour to an hour walk on guided trails from the Blackcomb village.

There was this dock area for the scenic sea plane rides.

Another plane with quite the back ground.

One of the most breathtaking things you can do in Whistler is taking the gondola up to the top of the peaks and hike around all of the trails.

The scariest chairlift ride ever!  But well worth it once at the top, the views were incredible.

The very op of the peak at Whistler.

The family at the top together.

Going down!

This hike was truly unreal!  After hiking around we did the peak to peak experience which was riding the world’s highest/longest unsupported gondola in the world… I’ll update those pics soon so that anyone planning on going to Whistler can see all of the fun that is to be had there!

Mt. Rose drive

19 Apr

One of the most beautiful drives to do on a nice day is on Mt. Rose highway which connects Lake Tahoe and Reno.  Lucky for me, I have a boyfriend who loves to go for drives.  He also loves cars so he is always buying and selling cars to enjoy them.  Right now he has a convertible so when the weather gave us the opportunity we hit the road for one of the most beautiful afternoon drives I’ve ever been on.

Sunday was the full moon but here it is over the Reno hills on Saturday.

The clouds are always so crazy in Reno.  They make the most beautiful sunsets but the scariest flights out of Reno because they create tons of turbulence.

Here’s my partner in crime and the craziest cloud formation that we were fascinated by the entire drive home.

Black and White cloud.

Driving up near the peak to a look out point.

The look out….

Cruising in the viper, Ian’s latest vehicle.  Check back in a month and it will be something completely different.  I thoroughly enjoy our drives and adventures together though.  There is nothing like just picking up and going for the fun of it.

The crazy cloud as the sun was setting.  The colors and shape of this cloud were unreal.

Weekend Adventurer

18 Apr

I’ve been really anticipating getting to have a Spring time snowboard this entire season.  I can’t say I’m not grateful for my past snowboarding excursions in Tahoe but there was SO much snow each time I came that there were so many people here chasing the same storms that I was.  One of my favorite times of the snow year is when you can just throw on a flannel or sweatshirt and go outside to play.  My entire weekend has been a complete success and I enjoy any time I can spend adventuring.

Friday when I got back home from work, the moon just looked so amazing above Mt. Diablo I had to shoot a photo of it.

Yesterday, Ian and his room mates had a snowboarding event for charity at Alpine and it worked perfectly because I had a few free passes for Alpine.  It was the perfect day for Spring snowboarding and a great day for a snowboarding event.  While the guys all warmed up, a friend Twist and I went cruising around the mountain checking out the different runs.  Ian was able to catch a few runs with us in his down time as well!

Here’s the guys getting ready to go out and hit the course.  This was such a fun event to watch because it was in a jam format so all riders could drop into the course whenever.  The guys did a great job and Brandon even won best male trick for doing a back flip with his pants down, ha!

Here’s me, Twist, and Ian at the top of Alpine with the beautiful Lake Tahoe in the background!

Here is team green competing, Ian is the one mid-air.

There were no lift lines and the day couldn’t have been more perfect.  Alpine is such a great mountain and I had no idea until this weekend.  I hope next winter I can get many more days in at Alpine.

Two Door Cinema Club

17 Apr

Two Door Cinema Club played the Fillmore in San Francisco Thursday April 14th and the show was great.  They played pretty much all of the songs off of Tourist History and a few new ones that haven’t been released yet.  Their new songs are just as great if not better then the Tourist History hits.  I can’t wait until the next time I’ll be able to see another show of theirs.  They always sound incredible from instruments to vocals.  Here are some photos from the show, definitely don’t miss out on seeing them if they come to your town!

I couldn’t bring my DSLR to this show so the quality is not as great but it was still a good excuse to get out and document one of my personal favorites.

Cannot wait for their next album.  My coworker, Chelsea, and I are obsessed with the new song “handshake.”  They just finished it a few weeks ago, keep an ear out for it!