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29 Jan

Bling, bling!

IMG_6935You know, I have a really hard time pulling together great outfits but if there’s one thing that makes a person look fancier without really trying it’s BLING.  You can throw on a spicy piece of bling with a plain t-shirt and be work ready in an instant.  I am the queen of trying to save time in the morning just so I can sleep in an extra 10 minutes so I’ve stocked up on bling to help me pull it together for work in a moments notice.

IMG_6923(Nordstrom BP studded clutch, Forever 21 ring)

IMG_6933(This wrap bracelet I got for Christmas and it’s the perfect piece of edgy bling to add to some jeans and a tank top)

IMG_6932(Beaded bling clutch)

IMG_6931(Forever 21 gold cuff)

IMG_6920(blingy bobby pins)

So don’t forget that when in doubt, bling it out!

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25 Jan

I have been LOVING Chelsea’s Franco photos!! Makes me want to go to Europe so bad …. Hmmm maybe 2013 will bring good things 😀

DSC_0435Trying to soak in all of the culture that France has to offer was no easy task but I sure enjoyed trying! From the food to the fashion to the GIANT buildings, I was in love. I am sad to report that this is my last post on France because it means that I have to come to terms with the reality that I don’t live there.

French Street(This picture was taken on a Monday evening around 7:30. So many people were out and about, grabbing drinks, dinner, and socializing)

Rue de Rivoli

(This picture was taken at 9 am when the sun was rising. We were in awe of how beautiful the streets were as we were searching for croissants)

Metro(We took the Paris Metro everywhere. It was pretty easy to figure out and a lot of fun too. One time there was a musician playing the accordion on the train!)

2013(The New…

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24 Jan

Nom Nom – this was fun to make!


OK, since my last post I attributed to a song (“Sweater Weather” by Neighbourhood) I thought I’d give this one the appropriate “Lovely Cup” by Grouplove.  We are HUGE music lovers and always on the hunt for good music or listening to music we consider classics so feel free to share with us anytime!  Anyway, sorry I got distracted.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s such a great ‘holiday’ to gorge on sweet treats and hang out with your friends and/or lover.  This is a perfect sweet treat to have or even possibly make with your friends/lover.  Cake in a cup – genius!


What you will need:

– Glass mugs
– Cake mix of your liking (with needed ingredients: eggs, vanilla, etc.)
– Fun sprinkles or toppings

I only made two cups so I didn’t need much cake mix at all.  Half a batch of cake mix from a box…

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22 Jan

Winter walks are the best

IMG_6774Since it hasn’t been too rainy, I’ve been trying to enjoy the outdoors on the weekends.  The trick to this is layering your clothing because naturally you will get warm from a hike but it’s not worth sucking up the cold at the beginning in just a long sleeve shirt.  Adding a warm beanie or ear covering fleece headband can help too.  I hit some East Bay trails this past weekend with my mom and we really enjoyed the colors and paths that the hiking trails had to offer.  The same trails can look different throughout all the seasons.

IMG_6799Blue skies




IMG_6775We had to go through a farm gate or two because some areas cows were roaming freely.




IMG_6796Mt. Diablo







It’s always nice to get exercise with fresh air.  I’d prefer working out outdoors over a gym any day.  I can’t wait for the nights when it’s light out longer…

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17 Jan

One of my favorite places in the entire world with some of my favorite people 🙂

OK, more like heavy jacket weather but I’ve been listening to the song “sweater weather” by Neighbourhood a lot lately so I thought it was fitting.  Have you heard that song??  It’s such a jam.  I was up in my old stomping grounds this past weekend and it was one of the coldest but most beautiful weekends up in North Lake Tahoe.  Despite the cold, I was outside all weekend soaking in one of the most beautiful scenery’s in the world.  When I could muster up enough warmth to take my hands out of my mittens, this is what I was surrounded by.

IMG_6687(Emily and Matt are always kind enough to take me out on their snowmobiles and one of our favorite spots to go to is Watson Peak.  Can you beat this view?!)

IMG_6698(Emily is so awesome.  She’s so tiny but can rip a sled around better than most boys I…

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16 Jan

Chelsea had the most amazing time in Paris and her pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

Ever since I was a young girl I was drawing; art has always been my very first love. Paris was filled with life, color or something outrageously beautiful and perfect everywhere I turned.

Marc Chagall(The unbelievable Paris Opera has ceiling art created by the modernist painter Marc Chagall. I was in awe of my surroundings as I watched the ballet perform)

Paris Opera(Every turn was accompanied by magical costumes once worn in past performances)

DSC_0364(The Tuileries Gardens outside of the Louvre holds amazing statues, pictures cannot do them justice)

Palace of Versailles(One of my favorite rooms in  the Palace of Versailles held a hall full of statues. The way the light peeked in cast amazing shadows)

There were also bits of darkness as the city has a history of death and disease which ultimately will inspire as a result. Take a look at what I mean.

Catacombs of Paris(The Catacombs of Paris holds 6…

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11 Jan

Even when it’s cold, it’s still beautiful in San Francisco!

photo 4 (4)

On my last solo lunch before Chelsea returned, I decided I’d hike up the hill to the magnificent Coit Tower – YOLO!  We often hike up there on our lunches because the views are ridiculously beautiful and it’s fun to check out all the amazing homes that are nestled in the hillside along the crooked walking paths.  We’ve been up to Coit Tower many times but had never gone inside the tower and up to the top.  It was a beautiful day when I walked up there, so I thought what the hell.  I’m going to buy the ticket and take the janky, old elevator to the top to see what’s up there.  You have to pay to go and we always thought, what’s the point?  We know of so many great free look outs.  But now I know the point.  And I recommend it to everyone, tourist or not.

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10 Jan

A little lunch-time photo shoot for this Parisian girl 🙂 So happy she is back!


I recently returned from the most amazing trip to France and have been truly inspired by the culture, art, and most importantly fashion! I got a few cute pieces for Christmas this year and felt that they fit Parisian living fairly well. Allow me to try to bring out the French in this San Francisco girl.

Calvin Klein Beret(My mom got me this cute studded Calvin Klein beret before my trip. It accessorizes this outfit)

Bebe dress(My aunt and cousins got me this Bebe dress and gothic style lace jacket. I took off the beret in order to wear this all together. Parisians love to layer but you don’t want to over do it)

gothic jacket(This jacket reminds me of the gothic architecture in Paris, it is very pretty)

gothic close up(close up of the lace)

Jacket(As I mentioned before, in the Winter French girls simply layer and wear tights and jackets. They don’t dress too…

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Babies Having Babies.

9 Jan

Chelsea’s back and came back swinging! PS look at my brother’s “baby” in the first photo … wtf?!

baby brittany

This is Brittany as a baby and her brother (eyes blackened to protect the innocent). She was possibly the happiest, smiliest baby to have ever lived in the 80’s. It instantly became one of my faves when I saw it on her parent’s fridge, I just love it because the doll is basically the same size as her! That got me thinking, I had some pretty weird “babies” when I was a baby of my own.

Water Baby

Water Baby

Water Baby was all I wanted when I was seven years old. I filled her with water and she became squishy like a real baby…or a waterbed! Like a miniature waterbed shaped as a baby in my hands, she would have been a great travel pillow.

Baby Alive

Baby alive

She cried AND pooped! Can you believe it? It didn’t get better than that. I remember mixing dry powder with some hot water (you…

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8 Jan

So delicious!

IMG_6451It’s every twenty something year olds dream to have these magical sweet treats!  Chels and I first discovered these at a fund raiser which was dangerous because if you know your money is going to a good cause why not buy hundreds of them and indulge??  After all, it is helping somebody else!  Anyway, anything dipped in chocolate is a gift from God.  I don’t know if you have noticed but we are all about simple fixes and these are a great treat that you can share with others.

What you will need:
– Long Stemmed Pretzels
– White Chocolate Chips
– Sprinkles and/or any other desired toppings (our favorite choices: mini-marshmallows, coconut flakes, sparkly sprinkles)

IMG_6356(First step: Gather all your ingredients and place chocolate chips in a heating pan on the stove.  I’ve heard you can use the microwave but then the chocolate would harden much faster so I…

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