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My Medicine

27 Jul

I snapped this photo last night leaving the barn.

I’ve been taking care of horses for people for years but riding since I was a baby which is pretty funny considering no one else in my family shares the same passion for horses.  I’ve been working A LOT lately when I compile my full-time career, my production company job (putting together environmental film festivals for the US and sporadically other countries), and my horse “job”….  I can’t consider horses a job though because I thoroughly enjoy being around them.  People always ask me, “How do you do it??  Aren’t you tired??”  The answer to the second question is easy and of course, yes I’m tired.  The answer to the first question is a little more complicated though.

How do I do it…

Well after having a 10+ hr day (including commute) for just one of my jobs it’s very hard to muster up a thriving motivational energy BUT I can’t imagine any other place to be besides out with the horses.  They are so loyal and trusting considering the size and strength they have.  It’s the only sport where a human works with an animal in unison.  They can read and feed off of whatever emotion you are going through and somehow they can understand.  It’s really, truly amazing and beautiful.

Last night while I was at my barn, I was working with a horse who is in recovery from an injury.  I haven’t worked with him much before so at first he was very shy towards me.  The more time I spent brushing him and tacking him up to go to work, he slowly but surely became more relaxed.  Once I got on him, I felt like I was at home and he released the tension from his back (which is where a lot of nervous horses hold it).  I’m so used to being in strict training mode that I have to remember every horse is on a different level and path.  This one is simply on the recovery to a healthy body after pulling ligaments in his hind leg.  For such large animals, you’d be absolutely shocked how fragile they are.  We went through our work out and he was so eager to please, trying every exercise at his best.  The sun started setting so I brought him back to his stall, groomed him and gave him his vitamins for the day.  Then I was onto the next one.

The next horse is a completely different horse.  He’s a retired racehorse that was saved by a very loving owner.  She’s made an excellent jumper out of him from the bond they have built.  Usually when horses come from the track they are skittish and don’t trust anybody.  This horse has spun a 180 from his track days.  I was able to ride him outside as the sun was setting and as a reward, for him and me,  took him to the rolling hills and just let him run free.  It’s so liberating to just trust a horse enough to let them take the reins and trust that you both only want the same thing, to feel free.

So to ask me how do I do it after such a long day?  I can’t imagine NOT doing it.  If you ever have something in your life that can fill an extremely long and tiring day with a young heart again, don’t ever let it go.

Every horse has a different story and although riding horses is physically demanding on a rider it is on a horse as well.  This short blog posting was only about two of the many that I work with.  The picture posted at the top is not one of the two I wrote about today but he has the kindest eyes, I love to visit with him at the barn : )


Bringing the outdoors indoors??

26 Jul

When I found my very first place on my own in June, I fell in love.  The possibilities of having space that was just mine delighted me.  It was by very random/lucky circumstances that I found my place, too.  This has been a big year for me and it seems that pieces are falling in all the right places.  Over the next month or two, I’m slowly going to unveil some of the attributes that I think are really neat about my new place!  The things I’m going to share will be contributions from me and many others.

I’d like to dedicate this first one to my new fabulous landlord who has an amazing eye for interesting, beautiful, and practical home decor pieces.  Besides for building a closet to die for, which I will unveil soon, she added these wonderful wall lanterns to the sides of my closet.  I love them because they are VERY practical, contributing all the living area light, and give the feel that you are in a very nice outdoor space.

Here’s one of the two lanterns that hang on both sides of my closet.

Another view of the lanterns.

   The set up!  My closet is the centerpiece and my mini-office/blogging station 🙂 is the mess on the right.  I haven’t found a place for my standing lamp but I haven’t had any use for it with these wonderful wall lanterns!  They really brighten up the room and give it a great vibe.

I just think they are the cutest asset.  Why go with a plain standing lamp like the one I had chosen?  Save space while using cool lanterns that you could probably pick up in GREAT shape at a garage sale or flea market.  There are so many classic styles, too.  Yes they are just lanterns but they grabbed my eye and deserved my first home decor post from my first space that is only mine 🙂

Is it possible that summer might actually be here??

25 Jul

This weekend the weather forecast didn’t look too promising going into it but it ended up being absolutely beautiful!  It didn’t hurt that I had some very important visitors either to enjoy it with.  Saturday consisted of family brunch, followed but dinner in SF with Ian, and then Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the most beautiful venue ever…. Mountain Winery in Saratoga with Kimmie, Ian, Shannon and Lacey.   I have some more photos from the weekend that I will post when I upload them to my computer.

Sunday was perfect.  The sun was out and the pool was calling our names.  Ian and I went over to my parents for pool time and cheeseburgers.  I haven’t had a “summer day” like this yet.  I’ve been on the go so much and the weather has been pretty unpredictable so it was nice to finally just relax.  Here’s a few photos and I have more from my nice camera of the boys lounging that I’ll upload when I get a moment.

Love eating all of the in-season fruit during the summer.  My favorites are peaches, plums and pears.  Costco recently had some EXCELLENT cartons of peaches.

I’ve been trying to work on my floating skills while wearing a sunhat hahah NOT easy but oh so relaxing.

Doing some more floating before Ian jumped on me in the pool!  This is also obviously just an illusion, I had two kick-boards under my back 🙂  I used to have all sorts of great pool floats and such but my parents have two dogs that love floatation devices as well…

I think it’s safe to say… summer is finally here or at least for the time being.


22 Jul

Cobrastarship made an appearance at work yesterday so Chelsea and I went to see what they were up to.  They were doing a meet and greet with fans and also an interview for NOW 99.7 (One of our five stations).  I do have to say…. they are SO TALL!!!  You can’t really tell by this photo but I mean they were very tall guys.  You can always count on Chelsea and I to be investigating around the building if there is commotion going on.

My nights

21 Jul

A lot of nights I spend with one of my favorite things in the whole world… horses out at the barn.

Usually I’m there right before sunset because I don’t get there until after work.  It’s such a nice way to end my day.

I spend LOTS of time in this arena.

The barn 🙂

Add another to the Bucket List

19 Jul

Lately I’ve been just completely obsessed with the idea of going to Croatia.  I am in love with traveling and always need a new place to strive for and I’ve officially set my sites on Croatia.  I’d love nothing more to swim in these waters and explore this place.  National Geographic posted a great article with great photos about this beautiful place.

The photo above is from the article at:


18 Jul

Between moving into my own apartment and turning 25 this month, I have been busier than ever.  I am LOVING getting to make my new place my home.  It’s pretty inspiring to have such a huge canvas of a space to decorate however I want.  I have many home/living/organizing blogs to come!  One immediate tip I can give though is when you have an idea you want to fulfill, write it down!  With so much going on, the things that I write down are the things that I make happen.  I will do a before and after blog soon.  Until then, here are a few photos from my birthday with some wonderful friends 🙂

Me, Rani and Chelsea at the neighborhood bar Grumpy’s!

And Lindsay of course, too!

There were many others who contributed to the greatness of my 25th but I unfortunately don’t have photos to share.  I am so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends and family in my life!

One of the reason why I got into media

12 Jul

I’ve been absolutely in love with this idea, this video, everything about it since a college professor showed it to his (my) classes when I was in college.  I love this version because it also shows the making behind it and of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s in San Francisco.  I just love everything about it and for my friends who already know this, after all this time I still haven’t forgotten about it 🙂

Best Sandals for the Summer

9 Jul

My favorite clothing/accessory purchase for the summer have been these Gladiators from Forever 21.  I have worn them on long walks, in water, and to work.  They are so versatile and cheap!  They were $19.80 at Forever 21 but you can also order them online.  They can dress anything up or keep it casual.  On my recent trip Oregon, these were the only shoes I brought and they were the perfect shoe to bring.  It also saved me a ton of room in my suitcase!

Bend, Oregon Pet Parade!

9 Jul

While in Bend, Oregon over the weekend, I had the privilege of getting to enjoy their annual Fourth of July Pet Parade!  I absolutely love animals and when I heard they had one downtown, I couldn’t wait to go see all the festive pets and smiling faces pouring out across the main streets.  I thought I’d share a few of the cutest and/or more interesting ones with you!

I loved this cute little cowboy lizard!

A painted fourth of July turtle!

All of the dogs had cute little outfits on, too!

My favorite!!!!  Air Chihuahua!!!!

I have never seen anything like it but apparently this guy or girl is a celebrity around town!  He was the very last to come through the parade and everyone cheered so loud when dog and owner came through the streets.

His owner would pull her down so all of the little kids in the front rows could pet her.

This was really cool!  No pets involved but it was a bicycle pub where everyone sitting around pedaled and sampled local brewing at the same time!  We saw this going around town at night and I just thought it was so neat and such a fun idea.

And then of course a view of Mt. Hood on the drive back from Bend!