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Polka Dot Scare Crow.

20 Nov


I love, love, love being comfortable.  Nothing says it more to me than some good leggings, a sweater, and a hat of the moment (because I love hats).  It’s always good to feel comfortable and also warm enough for running errands or being outside.

(Charlotte Russe boots, Forever21 sweater, Nordstrom’s hat)

polka dots

With the rain (and snow) on it’s way, it will be time to add layers.  In the meantime, enjoy the sweater weather!

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Monday Recap: Trash the Dress!

18 Nov


Our beautiful friend, Francesca, was looking to “trash the dress” so I was excited at an entirely new photo challenge.  Trashing the Dress is a new thing that people do post wedding to really get unique photos they never got at their wedding or where they completely destroy the wedding dress they will never wear again (check out google image searches for “trash the dress”).  Usually at a wedding, the bride and groom are rushed on photos so they can get to their reception.  This was so much fun to venture around the city and shoot photos at some of the most scenic spots in San Francisco.  Francesca and her husband looked fantastic and we picked a beautiful day to take over the city.  Here’s a preview of some of the captures we got.

(Ocean Beach)

(Clarion Alley in the Mission)

(My favorite shot from the day)

They were so…

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Travel Friday: New Mexico.

15 Nov


Last weekend, my mom and I went to Albuquerque to visit my brother, his wife, and their amazing baby boy, Matthew (the most darling nephew in the entire world).  They were great tour guides and took us all around the city.  I found it to be an incredibly beautiful place and would love to go back.  I didn’t realize the altitude was over 6,000ft there but I guess that’s why they call it “high desert!”  Check out my take on Albuquerque.

(Hiking behind their house!)




(Can’t wait to share my Breaking Bad post… Let’s just say I was hot on Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s tails…)

(Sandia Peak Tram ride to the top)


(At the very top)

(I love this child so much.  My brother and Liz have the best baby in the world.)

(Those New Mexico skies.)

It was a quick trip but extremely easy from the Bay Area. …

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Grey Patterns.

12 Nov

IMG_4970Do you ever look at articles of clothing and say those aren’t supposed to go together but they do so well?  I’m not sure if I ever get it right but from time to time when I throw two completely different patterns together, they actually work.  I’m loving large cozy socks and thick knits to keep me warm.

IMG_4965(Forever21 sweater and sweater skirt)

(Steve Madden have great boots for all occasions.  These cut-out heeled boots are on my wish list!  The socks are thick thigh highs from Forever21 scrunched down.)


I say, if you feel good in it then wear it.  Whatever it may be, including mis-matching prints 🙂

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Last Drops of Fall.

12 Nov

Last Drops of FallRecently my friend Lindsay got me this flowered peplum top and it feels like it’s the last time I will be able to wear it for a while so I thought I would share it with you!

Last Drops of Fall(Top by W118 by Walter Baker, Jeans by Levi’s) love the cutout and the zipper detailed back)

Last drops of fall

Enjoy the last bits of Fall and maybe I will find a fun floral sweater to share next time!

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My Space.

8 Nov

Love this!

I live in an apartment in San Francisco which means one thing, organization is key! With a small space I have to make sure that everything I own has it’s place and I can’t hold on to things that could be considered clutter. I’ve gotten pretty creative and found fun ways to hide shoes and repurpose items that I don’t use everyday but don’t necessarily want to get rid of.

My Space(I stack old department store boxes, in this case Kate Spade, and fill them with mementos. I made a pyramid of these boxes and intertwined journals to add height and topped with a piece of coral for decorative purposes.)

My Space(I love my perfume bottles because I think they’re pretty. I stacked two on one my favorite books, Wuthering Heights, and the last honeycombed bottle on small vintage-style pocket mirror that I rarely use but don’t want to part with)

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Fall Favorite Snaps

5 Nov

Fall Photography.


As you know, once the colors start turning they go so fast.  Right now the colors are in their prime so of course we ventured out to capture the gorgeous transition.  These snaps were so easy to shoot, just let mother nature show you her bright side.  When scouting for future shoots, we not only look for lighting but for beautiful settings to paint the backdrop.













My favorite part of having our blog is the creative freedom we have to do whatever we want.  My art is photography and I find no greater joy than to wander on a photo adventure!

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We Will Never Be Royal.

4 Nov

Royal BlueThere’s something about the color royal blue that has caught our eye. When we were in Tahoe, the yellow leaves and weeds were so brilliant that it illuminated the blue sky. If you don’t have this color in rotation, we think you should as it looks good on all skin tones.

Royal Blue(Blue top from Target, Joe’s Jeans pants, Kate Spade purse)

Royal Blue

Royal Blue(My favorite friendship bracelet with metal links along the outside)

Royal Blue(The aspen trees were so beautiful and made this blue shirt really pop)

Royal Blue

Royal blue is a great color that can be worked into the end of Fall and well into Winter!


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