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SoHo and Subways

29 Feb

Pick a card.

Car parks.  They lift and stack the cars.

Cupcake carts… yum!

Shnazzy chandeliers.

Fiona’s new shopping cart for all the SoHo shopping 🙂

Delightful window displays.

Thee best pizza I had in the few short days I was there.  Seriously delicious.

Seriously, YUM.

All sorts of goodies.

It was packed and everyone was in such a good mood.  It was such a fun lunch time with Fiona and Shannon : )


Some Subways were not so obvious.

Others were very obvious.

I found horses in one of the most populated areas in the country… Times Square!

Lots of sparkle.

Tipping Barrels

28 Feb

Do watch this. Very beautiful and has an important message!

‘Tipping Barrels’ is a unique combination of surfing and environmental journalism that follows surfers Arran and Reid Jackson on a trip into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, where they learn more about the region and the issues confronting it.

Please take time to watch this great video.

[vimeo 33234007]

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Mighty, mighty American

28 Feb

OK, so I don’t write every thing on my bucket list down here but it has always been on my bucket list to go to a Monster Truck Rally.  There just seems to be something so American about going to see over sized trucks jump dirt ramps and smash old cars.  It was just as amazing as I could have imagined and if you want a photo review of why it is so amazing, then you’ve come to the right place.  Enjoy!

Naturally, going with three of my best friends made it ten times better 🙂

We had pit passes but missed out because they started so early.  There is also an hour gap between the pits and the actual show so we decided to just make it to the show.

There are some die hard fans in the audience.  Here are some Gravedigger fans.

The set up.  In between the truck racing was quad racing which was pretty awesome as well.  Also, by the end this course got destroyed – it was so awesome!

The first half of the show was truck racing time trials, one on one.  These things haullll.

Painted flames on dirt haha.

Chelsea enjoying the warm box we had.  It was a cold night so thankfully we could stay warm.

Emily and I were at the windows just jumping up and down and screaming.  It was pretty amazing.

I don’t think smoke is a good sign.

Nope, not a good sign.

You could also watch interviews and close ups on the big screen.

I personally liked the Tasmanian Devil.  Not only was the truck bad-ass but it was the only machine with a girl driver.  She didn’t do well in the time trials but in the free style event, she was AWESOME!

There were a lot of close races.


Metal Mullisha took the time trial race.  Here’s the driver being interviewed.  I thought all of this was staged but apparently it’s not!


Then the driver came in the stands and hung out with the fans.

Then the tractors all came out to set up for the Freestyle event… by far my favorite.  The tractors pushed these cars around like it was nothing.

After the set up, the drivers and their coaches or whoever get to come out on the course and map out a run for their freestyle.

Free style!

Ice Cream Man stomping.

The judges scoring old school style.  So awesome.

Tasmanian Devil!

Almost vertical.

I love the paint job with the teeth on this truck haha

Snorting smoke.

My personal favorite was when the trucks would roll.  I don’t know why.  Thank goodness no one got hurt, these machines are so strong but a lot of them would lose traction and just roll over.

When they rolled, they would get a tractor with a pulley that they’d attach to the bottom frame of the truck and then pull it back up.

Another roll but I liked this picture because of the driver coming out so triumphant.  This was the entire vibe of the event.  It was AWESOME when a truck rolled!

Huge air.

Free style winner, Maximum Destruction!

Maximum Destruction is the only truck that did a FULL roll landing back right side up and kept going.  Full amazement.


And of course I couldn’t post without showing the crowd favorite, Grave Digger.

Although, Grave Digger went for it right away and rolled quickly disqualifying himself.

After the rally, the crew takes all of the wheels off of the trucks and puts them in their own trailer.  The body and wheels travel separately (at least as far as I’m aware of) to the next stop.


We went to the Monster Jam at Oracle Arena in Oakland this past Saturday (Feb 25) but they are on tour and if you want to see this pure machinery fun for yourself you can check out where here.

The concrete jungle is even bigger than I could have imagined

27 Feb

The photos just don’t stop from New York.  I took so many that I think are worthy of sharing so I’ll just continue sharing : )  I hope that everybody had a great weekend!

The new World Trade Center.

A lot of these sky scrapers were close to 100 years old!  Pretty remarkable.

This was swinging over the packed streets.  Urban construction seems so dangerous!


The Statue of Liberty.



Brooklyn Bridge.

Many of my photos were shot zooming past land marks but I LOVE these arches.  The curved stone is really something else.

Birds everywhere.

Murals everywhere.

City sunsets.

The one great thing, cabs are actually pretty inexpensive!  Our average fare was about $10 total for what in SF would be $30-$40!  Something to keep in mind when visiting.

Another suggestion of things to do that I experienced in NY, go to the restaurant Beauty & Essex…  It was a speakeasy and one of the best meals I’ve ever had.  It’s undercover though.  It appears to be a pawn shop that you enter and proceed to the back and tell the guard you are actually there for dinner.  He then opens part of the wall and it’s like you are Alice in Winterland who’s just been opened the door to another world.  You enter a huge, beautiful and extraordinary place.  Here are a few photos I pulled from the website.  It was an expensive meal but well worth the food, specialty drink and most importantly the experience with friends!

Outside view.

Pawn shop… or is it?

The other side… UNREAL.

Check out their site for more photos and the menu, etc.  I would highly recommend this and just going to see New York!

New York, New York

24 Feb

I have hundreds of photos from my East Coast trip that I’ve been trying to sort through and lots of great things to come this weekend.  For now, I’ve managed to get through sorting some of my New York photos and here they are.  Enjoy!

There are people just pushing these carts down the middle of the street everywhere.  It’s pretty funny.

The park by the statue of liberty.

Hop on, hop off.

I absolutely love street art like this.

Eyes in the sky.

Shannon and I at Carrie Bradshaw’s house in the village.

I love arch-ways in architecture.

More filming.

Old cars and taxis for the movie or show they were filming!

We stayed in the Garment District where there were all kinds of fabric stores everywhere for all of the fashion/art students.

This was really special.  They were hand made tiles in memory of the 9/11 victims attached to a car lot fence.

I love my friends so much.

Brunch downtown at a cozy diner.

They are so cute : )


Something I’ve realize over the past few weeks is the importance of friends, family and time.  Time is the best gift you can give somebody because you will never be able to get it back.  Make sure you give it to the right people.

And with that said, don’t take any moment of your healthy life for granted.  Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you do something well worth your time : )!

Reflections and Grand Central (part 2)

23 Feb

Jumping back into work after a pretty rough week hasn’t been the easiest.  This past weekend, we lost a very treasured co-worker and someone I considered a very special mentor.  She approved my hire when I first began in San Francisco radio in 2008 and showed me how to be confident in my skills I was gaining along the way.  She also showed me how to go after what I wanted and I attribute my forever gratitude to her for pushing me to go after what I wanted in this industry.  I really owe her my two promotions because whenever I wanted something, I’d go to her office and she would ask me if I got the next promotion, then what would I be looking at next.  She had me always striving for the next best thing because that would make me who I am in what I do.  I can’t be more thankful for that.  Not to mention she was very funny and amazing at what she did.  Although her special light has gone out, it won’t leave us forever.  Every big event she has pulled off over the years will continue to scream her name and no one could ever forget her.

I’m going to continue to post photos from New York as I get the energy to.  It was a really great trip despite coming home to not the best news.  I do want to share it with you all and I am so thankful for anyone who even read this post 🙂

Man walking in the windows of Grand Central Terminal.

I swear NY is one big filming set.  Everywhere we went we saw things being filmed!  We even saw what we think was Boardwalk Empire being filmed in the Village.

The marble was insanely gorgeous.

Besides feeling like I was being eaten by sky scrapers in the downtown area, I loved the reflections of the other sky scrapers in downtown NY and had a fascination with taking photos of just reflections.

I love this one.

This was actually my first picture the I took in NY.

You really can’t escape these huge buildings.  It’s definitely an extraordinary sight to see.

Grand Central Terminal (Part 1)

21 Feb

My absolute favorite stop in New York was Grand Central Terminal.  Even with all of the hustle and bustle going on around me, I felt at peace in this very moment.  If I lived in New York, I would probably visit Grand Central Terminal at least once a week.  Here are the first half of my Grand Central Terminal photos.  Enjoy!

Fashion Finale

17 Feb

OK, so this won’t be the last fashion post considering how much fun it was but here are the last few pictures from the shoot that provided this week’s worth of fashion posts.  Enjoy and Happy Friday!

I’ve been seeing these flowers all over San Francisco lately and I love them.  They are gorgeous!

Chelsea is wearing an Anthropology top and skirt.

It was honestly a blast shooting these photos and I can’t wait to do another one.  I hope everyone has a wonderful three day weekend!

Romantic Dress

16 Feb

OK, onto the next fashion post.  We have been loving all the long maxi dresses and I’m currently obsessed with skirts/dresses with a see through bottom half.  They are so elegant and easy.

Chelsea’s is a Forever21 dress (I’m telling you, it’s amazing the pieces you can get from that store for less than your dinner!).  I love the colors on her and the flow from the high cut in the front to the longer train in the back.

I love the movement in her hair here.

She’s such an easy model to shoot because I could have used almost every frame that I took on this day!

My favorite goddess style dress that I got at a small affordable boutique on Haight St.  I love everything about the detailing on this dress and the style of it.

I love this dress and with the unusually warm days we’ve had on occasion, it’s such a nice piece to throw on while strolling a music festival or farmer’s market!

Hair jewels for the head band lover

15 Feb

I love accessories, especially head bands.  Chelsea and I both have a special be-dazzled head band that we adore and never can figure out where to wear them or what to wear them with.  These head bands could be so simple to make and they are a nice touch to a plain dress.  Day 2 of our mock fashion week continues 🙂

I absolutely love this photo.  Chelsea’s head band is from Anthropology.

I love the detailing of the white oval beads.  So simple but pretty.

My head band is a very simple silver braided head band.  I found this special piece at a Pure Beauty store for a whopping $4!

I love the loose elastic of this one as well because it’s not too tight and can just be rested on top of your hair instead of squeezing it down like some of the other head bands like this.  You could also easily make something like this at home – sounds like a good DIY to me 🙂

I’ll reveal the dresses from this shoot tomorrow.  Happy Wednesday!