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Upcoming Sailing Adventure!

1 Sep

This weekend I am embarking on a very new and exciting adventure!  I will be setting sail on the San Francisco bay with about 10 other girls for my brother’s fiance, Liz’s, bachelorette rendezvous.  I couldn’t be more excited because I have constantly watched these magnificent vessels from the piers of San Francisco for years now.  I’ve been on power boats my entire life (wakeboarding, tubing, etc) but never sail boats!  I went once with a great friend of mine, Sheena, while I went with her home one summer in high school to her native island, Barbados.  That experience was unforgettable as you can imagine sailing around a tropical island and snorkeling above and around sunken ships in transparent turquoise marvels.  I’ve also heard all the great stories from Ian about growing up spending entire summers on his grandparents sail boat and just having the time of his life.

However, this new experience I imagine to be a little bit more adventurous for the simple fact that the bay area waters are not exactly calm or warm.  It will definitely be safe but I look forward to being a little more involved in the process.  This is also a great experience I look forward to because it’s not your average bachelorette party.  We are going to be bonding over an adventure together and this is how I know Liz is the one for my brother.  She is up for the crazy challenge of life ahead with my brother.  Just kidding brother, love you 🙂  But I love that they will continue to explore life together through new and exciting adventures.  I hope to capture my own photos from the sunset sail this weekend so I can share with everyone but for now here are some from a SF travel site: