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Bonfire Sessions.

26 Mar

Daylight savings time has been a goddess.  Trying to savor every minute of the daylight, we decided to enjoy by bonfire on Ocean Beach Friday evening.  It was the perfect choice for the night and besides perma smelling like smoke burned wood for the next few days, it was one of my favorite nights of the year so far 🙂

Getting the fire going before everyone else showed up.






Getting silly with the sun.


I would highly suggest it if you live in SF!

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Coachella Chic.

24 Mar

Coachella Chic Coachella is kind of like this weird place where you can wear absolutely anything you want and it is cool. I won’t be there this year but Brittany will and from the sounds of it, Coachella gets hot! I think the key to that particular festival is to wear something that will keep you cool but maybe with sweet combat boots (my favorite) to ensure your toes stay attached to your feet!

Coachella Chic(Must have #1: Cheap shades. Chances are, these babies aren’t going to survive the weekend, so make sure they are cute but under $10)

Coachella Chic(Must have #2: This is the softest tee I have ever worn, dress for comfort!)

Coachella Chic(Must have #3: Risk. Wear something you probably wouldn’t otherwise. In my case, high waisted acid wash shorts. These are pretty cool but I probably wouldn’t wear them in my normal day to day life)

Coachella ChicPut these all together…

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Fashion Truck Find.

21 Mar

IMG_8407We stumbled upon this amazing fashion truck while at the Treasure Island Flea Market a while back.  We never thought we could find so many great things in such a small space.  I scored with these shorts as they are just the perfect festival pair!

IMG_8412If you were feeling crafty enough, you could even DIY your own distressed shorts!

IMG_8410My favorite recent F21 shoe purchase!  I’d been after an interesting pair like this for a while but I’m in love.  They are cute and comfy and I’m sure to wear them until they are worn out this Spring/Summer.

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On Me, On You.

19 Mar


Being besties, we share pretty much our entire closets.  We started this post because not everything fits our bodies the same but we usually interpret pieces of clothing in slightly different ways.  Here’s a series where we can interpret pieces in the same manner, jewelry!

We love this chunky, tribal piece!


IMG_8396Long and layered is the way to go with these two!

IMG_8393These are great against a simple tank top.  They are fun, colorful, and add detail to something as simple as a black tank top.

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Neon Nuance.

18 Mar

IMG_8363I don’t switch it up too much but I do love bright colors and a blazer is the perfect piece to shake up an outfit with.  It’s a fun cut and an awesome bright neon orange.  I also love mixing casual with fancy, there’s something to be said about being comfortable enough to make it through the business day but chic enough to know you didn’t just throw something on.

orange blazerWith this fun cut out in the back, it adds a funky side to it.  This jacket hasn’t been released yet but will be in Charlotte Russe stores soon!

Picture1Caged sandal heels found here.

IMG_8367I try to pair complimentary colors together for an extra pop.

Get your neon on!

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Flowers in Your Hair.

17 Mar


Flower crowns are beautiful additions to Spring and Summer outfits and are perfect for festival wear.  You can wear them a multitude of ways and find them everywhere, they are also really easy to make- we put one together for this post very simply.


(For Summer concerts, we think it makes a lot of sense to wear them with your hair up. It will keep you cool and add a little something to your ponytail or bun)

Flowers in Your Hair

(Flower crowns also look great with beachy waves too!)

We love this ultra feminine trend, it reminds us of being a kid and hope it stays around for a long while!

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Friday Florals.

14 Mar

Last year I was all about this fun floral romper and this year I’m all about floral anything!  I absolutely love the bright, happy feeling a good floral print can bring.  Spring has sprung and there’s no problem with hiding it.  Check out some of our favorite florals below.

Floral Dresses 1
LuLu’s is really killing it in the floral dress department.  I’d love to rock any of the above from their site.

Floral bottoms
What’s not to love about these designs?!

Floral mens
Men look awesome in floral, too!

ifl florals

Have some fun with floral Friday.  Hope you enjoyed our picks and have a wonderful weekend!

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Wander Wednesday.

12 Mar

photo 1
I must confess, lately I’ve been less interested in fashion and more interested in adventure.  I do love fashion but there’s nothing like fresh air and a new setting to get the creative juices flowing.  Chels and I are ready to hop back in the game but I must give credit to some of my most recent weekend trips.  Here are some photos I’ve been snapping that brought me back!

photo 2 - Copy
Lake Tahoe near sundown.

photo 3 (1)
Lake Tahoe at sunrise before snowboarding.

photo 4
The beautiful and clear water.

 Donner Lake
Morning fog over Donner Lake.

photo 3
It doesn’t get much better than this.

photo 2 (1)
Sunsets in the mountains.

 What’s your inspiration?

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Winter’s Leaving.

10 Mar

Winter's Leaving The weather is beginning to warm and it’s some of the last days for these Winter colors. We took to Golden Gate Park to capture some of the Winter greenery.

Winter's Leaving(Sheer skirt and top- Anthropologie)

Winter's Leaving

Winter's Leaving(Headband– Anthropologie)

It’s rare that I wear head to toe Anthropologie but they always have the most delicate pieces for Winter.

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Scooter Gang.

7 Mar

Scooter A few years ago Brittany and I rented scooters and circled around Berkeley, it was so much fun! I was sifting through old photos and stumbled upon these gems. I actually rode on the back because I was too scared of being in charge of the powerful scooter. This was such a great way to spend a Saturday, circling around the fraternity houses, up through the hills, and back down through Telegraph Street!

Scooter(Let’s go right!)

Scooter(Wait, no, left!!)

Scooter(Coming in hot!)

ScooterWe have talked about recreating that day countless times and we really ought to soon! If you’re interested in joining our scooter gang, we’d love to have you!

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