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31 Oct

Come on, you know you’ve got one!

“Frovers” is a term that was coined by Brittany the other day, it is a combination of the words Friends and Lovers. It’s not literally friends and lovers, it is more friends who could be mistaken for lovers. Frovers, we all have one. We’ve found that lately people have been giving us reason to believe that we might be a little too close to one another. See these examples and let us know if you might have a Frover of your own.

(You have a key to her apartment. And you stay there when your Frover is at her boyfriend’s house. And her roommates mistake you for her)

(Your mom says to you, “you girls just look so happy together.” I mean, it’s totally true, we really are)

Frovers(You get called your Frover’s name at Starbucks. But you have different colored hair, look nothing alike, and your Frover is still…

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23 Oct

Some GREAT upcoming artists!

Treasure Island really is a beautiful place with amazing views of the San Francisco skyline that we love so much.  I was offered the chance to shoot some photos and video at the annual Treasure Island Music Festival for B-Sides TV on Sunday (it’s a two day event).  There were so many bands that really surprised me with beautiful sounds and peaceful performances which made for a nice Sunday.  It’s always nice getting to shoot photos at a day festival because the lighting is great and everyone is in good spirits.

(Not only was there great music but also beautiful art displays)

(These larger than life mirrored eggs were awesome!)

(One of my personal favorites of the day)

(I loved her style.  This band is a brother/sister duo that had the entire crowd moving)

(With alternating stages, no act played at the same time as another and things transitioned really…

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23 Oct


My mom is a great baker and always shows me tricks and tips to help perfect the most delicious dishes.  With apple harvesting being so big this time of year, she shared with me a delicious recipe I knew would taste amazing and get me good and liquored up.  My mom swears by her Cake Mix Doctor Cookbook and now I know why!  This recipe was so simple and a definite crowd-pleaser.  I have to say, I have never been a whiskey fan, I’d go as far as to say that I hate it but put it in a cake and boom- I’m licking the pan.  Does this make me a boozer?  If so, I’m okay with that.

(Two of the most important ingredients)

(I prefer to use an electric mixer on larger cake batters – it makes it much easier to get an even consistency)

(Of course I’m always…

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18 Oct

Working on my inner Urkel mixed with Waldo 🙂

There’s one type of style that really resonates with the San Francisco music scene and really any music scene for that matter.  There are different variations of the style of course, like this one which is a little more rock glam.  In the end it all falls under one word, hipster.  I just love hipster style.  There’s something so nerdy but beautiful about it.  Who cares if you look like Urkel or Waldo, they were cool!  It’s also comfortable to be bundled and beanied.  So grab a PBR and embrace your inner hipster style.

(My Steve Madden boots are THE BEST.  I wear these with shorts, dresses, leggings, jeans, and so much more)

(I love beanies.  They keep you warm and can help tame a wild mane.)

(A trick I’ve learned that’s made me love scarves:  Tie the ends in a small knot and then wrap around your neck once or twice…

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11 Oct

Holy hell, this was fun!

Maybe I should explain this a little bit more… When I was in Louisiana, I was dying to see some gators.  We don’t get to see them in CA and I feel like it’s such a Southern thing to go see Gators on the Bayou.  Of course you can sign up for Gator Tours at various places so my friend, Lauren, and I picked this tour based on the fact that we’d get to hold a gator on this specific tour.  Major win.  Why we would want to do this?  I don’t know except that I think it’s awesome!  We could not have guessed that they feed the gators what they call “swamp crack” which really means marshmallows… So does this mean I love swamp crack????  I guess so.  Anyway, they also eat fish and were fed chicken necks.  It’s a wide variety on the gator menu.

(Our tour was…

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9 Oct

In love with New Orleans!

I love little details and quaint colors.  New Orleans is FULL of these things.  I had never been to Louisiana before but absolutely fell completely in love with the place over the past weekend.  I went out there for a friend’s wedding and just found myself wandering aimlessly in every direction I could.  It’s a place that everyone should see in their life for many reasons.  It’s all in the details, isn’t it darling?

(One of the most amazing parts of New Orleans is the music scene.  Performers were everywhere and there’s an area called the musicians village just for recording and a place for musical minds to come together)

(The colors everywhere were brilliant, especially in the stained glass all over town.  These two beautiful pieces were in my friend’s family home but stained glass is in the churches, on the streets, and in homes)

(Beads stay in the…

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3 Oct

So many great bands, such a beautiful city. My favorite post summer night.

Over the weekend, there was a Bonfire Session held on Treasure Island including two of my favorite bands (Geographer and the Dodos).  When someone forwarded me the event, I had my hoodie packed and was ready to go!  I grabbed some close friends and we headed out for an evening of free food, beer, music, and a priceless backdrop.  It became a perfect Sunday evening because it was warm and crystal clear out- the city skyline was beaming from the Island. I managed to snap a few photos in between my s’more scarfing; you can’t just have one! Take a look, I think the pictures do better justice than I ever could with words!

(When we first got to Treasure Island the view was so stunning we stopped to snap some photos.  Here is Em snapping some shots of the beautiful city)


(First to play was White Fence.  The…

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