3 Ways to Save an Elephant.

28 May


A few weekends ago, my dad got our family tickets to go see the PAWS wildlife sanctuary in San Andreas, CA.  I have been so excited to go check it out because I think it’s amazing what they are doing for large/exotic animals.  Above you will see Ed Stewart who is one of the co-founders carrying the legacy of the sanctuary on for Pat Derby, his long time partner who unfortunately passed away a few years ago.  They started this sanctuary to help animals who have been held captive for entertainment and if you check out their site, you can find out all about it.  Some of the videos of the animals being released into their large areas of land at PAWS brought tears to my eyes because the animals were so used to being stuck in small cages for most of their lives.

I was so moved by our…

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How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

10 Apr

imageIn case you didn’t know, Chelsea and I are MAJOR Florence and the Machine fans.  I mean major.  We have followed her musical career and tours for years.  When we heard about two last minute pop up shows happening in San Francisco, we were waiting by our computers and counting down the minutes until they went on sale so we could make sure we were there on opening night at the Masonic (literally, I watched the clock countdown).  When Florence was announced to play Coachella this year, we knew a new album was on the brink and we were overjoyed.  So with further adieu, here’s our review of her first show on her new album tour (Weds April 8th, 2015)!

We gathered all our other ride or dies for Flo’ (Tim and Lindsay), and headed to the Masonic early.  With no opener and the show said to start @ 8pm…

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A Day in the North Bay.

8 Apr


My good friend, Sheena, and her friend, Arel, have just moved to San Francisco from Barbados.  I’ve been so excited for this day and it’s been fun exploring the bay area with them.  There are so many amazing places to visit and it was such a treat to get to take them to Muir Woods the other weekend!

Sheena behind the redwoods 🙂

The trail has these fun little bridges to cross over water streams when there is a large water flow.

Look at these cute Bajan babes!

Rob came along, too 🙂

Beautiful trails.


They are adorable!

Sheena and I being yogi’s at the top of the trail near Panoramic Highway.


Views for miles.

You can access the Muir Woods trails from many different access points.  We started from Panormaic Highway on the ridge and hiked down before hiking back up and out.  If you park at the bottom…

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A Taste of the Sunset.

7 Apr

Over the weekend, I made it my mission to just hang around the city and relax.  I love being on the go and don’t usually rest as much as I should so I did a mini taste tour around the sunset district in San Francisco and thought I’d share my good finds.  I’ve pretty much quit coffee, I now drink tea so not a caffeine purge, but when this adorable Snowbird Coffee shop opened up I couldn’t wait to try it.

It’s such a quaint, cute spot with hand poured coffees.

Not to mention, cute little accents.

There’s also a awesome recycling program they have in the back of their store.  You can bring your old bottle of shampoos/soaps/etc and they will refill it for a much lower price than if you bought in store.  Love this concept and I can’t wait to go snag some re-fills!

I went for…

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Tahoe Spring.

2 Apr

imageTahoe is a sad sight for snow right now but as the snow melts away, the emerald beauty reappears just in time for Summer.  With these last few weeks at the ski/snowboard resorts, it’s time to get those last few turns in before you trade in your snow pants for your swim suits.  Tahoe is one of my all time favorite places year round.  You can’t go wrong when you are surrounded by such an amazing place.

I was worried that Squaw might not have too many lifts open based on it’s bare face but the upper mountain had a bunch of lifts open!

Upper mountain looking beautiful as ever.

Park laps with Brie!

Brie at the top!

We did hit some rough patches but after an epic day we hit the hot tub at high camp.

I can’t believe what a snowless season it was but we will take…

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Arabian Adventures.

20 Mar


Ever since my big horse trip in Bosnia, I’ve been chasing that fun riding and have been checking out new places to go riding trails.  A friend of mine had a great recommendation and wanted to go riding as well in Point Reyes, CA last weekend so we went here and had an awesome and beautiful ride with Susie and her beautiful Arabians.  She can accommodate all levels and has very well behaved horses.  It was a great chance to explore northern California in my most favorite way 🙂

On our way to the trail head, there were some great horse signs on the road.

My adorable horse was named, Cody.

The mountains and the views were stunning.

imageTrish and I on top of the trail with our sweet horses.

We rode through so many different terrains.

The redwoods were beautiful, too!

We packed the horses up to take them to…

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Cabo Activites.

3 Mar

While I was in Cabo recently, we ended up doing a lot of fun activities that I would recommend to anyone.  I thought I’d share them all since people have been asking me what places we booked for the other adventure lovers out there!

1 (3)
We used Eco Tours for an awesome day snorkel trip and also an amazing sunset catamaran cruise (see below).

The sunset cruise!  We liked Eco Tours because they are all open bar with fun music but not too crazy.  We heard a lot about other boats that were a bit more Spring Break style.

Sunset Catamaran views.

Pesos – are they necessary?  Nope!  We got some for safety measures and used them but you can use American dollars pretty much everywhere.  Be weary of the ATM’s!  A few people used them and ended up with some credit card fraud after the fact.

The most popular restaurant…

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Tequila Sunrise.

11 Feb

IMG_1955Last weekend I spent four sun and fun filled days in Cabo with a large group of girlfriends celebrating a great friend, Lacey’s, bachelorette.  We laughed, we explored, we had a few drinks or more, and saw the land and water that makes up Cabo San Lucas.  It’s amazing how this town has forged through the massive hurricane that hit over the summer and continues to host tourists day after day.  My taxi driver from the airport to the hotel was telling me some unbelievable stories about the storm and what he himself and the community endured.  He huddled over his wife and kids as the roof was ripped right off of his home.  Luckily, the walls were made of concrete and were able to withstand the winds.  Even the airport was highly damaged but the community didn’t let tourism get affected and continued to let people come from afar…

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Winter Wear.

26 Jan


 I’d been hearing so many great things about Helly Hansen’s outerwear that I knew my next outerwear jacket was going to be one of theirs.  Since I love to go to Tahoe regularly and genuinely love winter weather, I’ve fallen in love with this jacket!  It’s cozy, warm, and my go to when the temps start to drop.

I love the white zipper detail.

I added these over the knee boots and leggings to stay warm.  I also love the button detailing on these boots.


Just add a beanie and I’m happy.  I love to be bundled when the weather starts to cool down so I love having the right clothes to be prepared to play outside even in the winter!

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Sparkle. Glitz. Glam.

22 Jan

DSC_0470Anyone who has spent five minutes with me will tell you how obsessed with sparkle and glitter I am. One of my very best friends invented the 31 Days of Sparkle and Shine which means every day in December we must wear something glittery. It was then that I knew we would be life long friends. When I heard that someone invited a service that would “glitter bomb” your enemies with an envelope full of glitter- I didn’t understand why you would waste the glitter. Anyway, when I saw this clutch I knew it was coming home with me.

DSC_0475(Kate Spade does it again. The glitter is on there in a very thick layer so you don’t have to worry about it flaking off)

DSC_0481(Really beautiful and simple lace detail on this soft Gap tee)

DSC_0483(Franco Sarto heels)

DSC_0476This is a great and simple outfit to wear to cocktails, a night out, or hanging…

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