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Vintage Favorites

31 Jan

Lately it’s been some of the older things around my apartment that I find I use and/or cherish the most.  What’s new isn’t always my favorite so here are some of my favorite Vintage pieces you’ll find around my place.

I didn’t even know that my dad was an architectural photographer in his 20’s.  He recently gave me his camera from those days and although I have no idea how to use it, it means a lot to me!  It’s cool to know where my love for photos and architecture come from.

I just love this sugar jar that is a recent edition to my coffee bar!

My old guitar.  This isn’t exactly vintage but it’s been in its case for a while now until recently.  I’ve started to play again and really enjoy it.  I love playing any and everything but some of my favorites to play are Grace Potter and Naked and Famous tunes.

Vintage map tacks my dad also gave me.  I’m working on a DIY project with these at the moment so check back for some cool travel inspiration.  I love the color and the shape of the map tacks. I also love that they symbolize going somewhere.

And last but not least but cookie cutter lid jar that Vicki gave me for Christmas!  I love this idea so much.

The detail is so pretty on this jar.

A day on the bay in January

30 Jan

This past weekend was extremely unusual weather for San Francisco.  The sun was shining and it looked like an end of Spring day.  I can’t complain but I need some snow in my life.  The mountains are calling my name this weekend.  In the meantime here are some photos from our unusual San Francisco winter day.

Bay Bridge.

Sooo cute!  I’ve never seen a sea lion by Pier 7 before.  He was just swimming around so calmly, it was so nice to watch him 🙂

Self portrait.

Light rain in the elevator.

An inspiring start to the weekend

27 Jan

A friend recently shared this video with me and since Half Dome is on my Bucket List and I found this video to be incredibly beautiful, I thought Friday would be the perfect day to share it to start the weekend.  Enjoy!

<p><a href=”″>Yosemite HD</a> from <a href=””>Project Yosemite</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Upcoming travels

26 Jan

I’m sorry today’s post isn’t about a previous place that I’ve been but I’ve been busier than ever and not feeling very well this week.  So instead of digging through the old travel files, I thought I’d put out there my next month’s planned trip… New York City!!!  I’ve never been in my life and I have two of my greatest friends that rallied around me to make it happen when I mentioned the possibility of going.  With New York on the horizon I truly have something to look forward to 🙂  Any suggestions for us?!  We plan on strolling through the park, eating the infamous bagels/pizza, drinking coffee, site seeing from the top of the Empire State building and anything else that magnetizes us towards it.


Oh Faye Dunaway, how amazing you are

25 Jan

My right hand man at work, Nancy, brought to my attention some amazing fashion photos of Faye Dunaway the other day that she thought I might like and I fell in love with her style.  She is gracefully edgy, yet powerful.  I also love hats of all kinds and I love her “hat fashion.”  I’d never realized how similar my closet is to her style or where it had come from but now I’m aware who shaped the fashion styles I like.  At last, a woman who’s style I do admire so.

Insta-life Lately

24 Jan

I did my first post about my life photos as seen through my iPhone back here and decided every now and then I’d do a new one just in case we aren’t friends on Instagram (@Justalittlebrit – my favorite social media program), Twitter, or Facebook.  I hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Traveling early mornings.

Venice Beach with Sarah and Kimmie.

Homemade cornbread, yummm I wish I still had some left :-O!

My dog, Sammy.

This was Kimmie’s Instagram of my time in so-cal and I really liked it 🙂

We ambushed the news studio one day!

The weather green screen.

A rainy night in SF.

I tried a new restaurant with my dad and Vicki this weekend and it was sooo good!

Headed for the hills at the barn.

Oh yes, and I bought a plane ticket to NY for next month – where should I go?!?!  I’m so excited to go with some of my closest friends and just adventure anywhere and everywhere so all suggestions welcome 🙂

Venice Beach in the winter

23 Jan

Here’s the other half of my Venice Beach photos from my trip to Southern California.  I really couldn’t believe this was their January weather!

I love this!

Street performer flipping over the line of people.

Street performer.

Crowds gather for street performers.

You can buy all sorts of “souvenirs”

Trying on sunnies with two of my best friends 🙂

sand scuplt

Aluminum prom dress

Venice Beach, thanks for the memories!

American Idol kicking off again

20 Jan

I have to admit American Idol a great show to watch.  Although time has been of the essence lately, maybe I’ll record some episodes to catch up on this weekend while the rain comes down.  I do enjoy listening to talented singers (maybe it has something to do with my major love for music?).   Anyways, Adam Lambert stopped by the morning shows to do some interviews and hang out.  Very, very nice guy and gracious for all the support his fans have been giving him.

Happy Friday everybody, I know I’m looking forward to a low key weekend filled with movies, horses and rain.
❤ B

The return of Travel Thursdays with Venice Beach!

19 Jan

I stopped doing Travel Thursdays for a while because although I’ve seen a some cool places, a lot of my photos are so old!  I’ll continue to write about ones that are must-sees and current places though.  Here’s a post about my trip to the world famous Venice Beach last Sunday.  I had always heard just how extraordinary it was and I’d always seen it on TV and in movies so I figured I couldn’t miss seeing it.  It was truly something else.  I had to split this into two posts as well because there were so many interesting things to see in Venice Beach.  Here’s the first batch of photos, enjoy!

The art in Venice was one of my favorite things about the place.  Almost every building or wall is painted.

It was so cool, all you have to do is give the city a copy of your driver’s license and you can go tag the Venice walls in this beach area.  I loved watching people tag the walls and I LOVE the colors of good graffiti.

Hey I found my initials, at least I think 🙂

So much paint.

Even the trees?

Oh yeah and there’s an awesome skate park on the beach.  So cool to watch all the amazing skaters from toddlers to old guys hand planting.  Yes, that happened!

So cute!

A moment of calm.

Birds, Surf and Sun

18 Jan

OK, this was seriously hard to narrow photos down into even two posts.  I had so many that I felt really showed the vibe of Huntington Beach.  Here’s the second set of my Huntington Beach photos.  What a wonderful place to spend my Saturday.  I think I’ll have to go back there sometime, especially in the summer!

Seagulls lounging.

Kimmie and a bird that kept swooping in near us.  Must have thought we were going to feed him.

The composition of this photo was all Kimmie’s idea and that’s her in the photo but it is a very cool perspective!

Gone fishin’

Me and Kimmie!

Fly a kite?

Kimmie’s jump shot!

Workin’ on my handstand.

This kid was cracking me up.

Surfers battling for the wave.

In between contest sets.

Under the Pier.

Cat wants to be a lion 🙂

Huntington Beach is amazing ❤