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11 Jul

I’ve known Fiona now for 8 years and I have to say, she is one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever known.  Throughout time I’ve seen her on the search for love and although I never thought she’d find it in Vegas, it’s in true Fiona fashion to have it fall upon her in one of the wildest cities in the world.  Being that Chris (Fiona’s now husband) is from the East Coast, he brought a whole group of new friends into our lives.  The union of not only their love brought new friends and family to all and it could not have been a better weekend.  It was one of those weddings where I felt like I could talk to anyone and not feel uncomfortable that we’d never met before.  Not to mention, it was in the middle of the Redwood Forest in Northern California.  It was beyond beautiful and we kept tagging everything #Dunlapwedding on social media sites so I figured, what else could this post be titled?!

The weekend ceremony and getaway was at the Ralston L White Memorial Retreat.  Gorgeous.  You curve back on these extremely tight one lane only roads that are canopied by some of the tallest trees in California.

The babies!

Heart shaped lawn.

Cruising the gardens!


The Dunlaps!

Love them.

Their cake was beautiful and extremely delicious.  Also, their cake topper was made specifically for them and it was crazy how much it looked like them!

Friends 🙂

Father/Bride dance, so moving.  This is my favorite photo I have from the wedding.

Chico table 🙂  Where beach cruisers used to be our main means of transportation, I miss those days *sigh*

We danced the night away but the dj never did the bouquet or garter toss so we did them the next morning 🙂

The boys decided instead of tossing the garter, they’d battle for a frisbee which would be equivalent to the garter.

Winners, one from the West one from the East.

Fiona and I re-enacting the wedding for some silly reason.

Breakfast in Mill Valley.

After the Dunlaps took off to pack for their Hawaiian honeymoon, we took the East Coast boys to see some Northern California sites.  We packed the cars and headed to the coast.

Sarah, me, Shannon and Kimmie.  Friends since college!

Overlooking Stinson.

Classic jump photo.

I really do love living in Northern California.


Sarah ❤

Muir Beach Overlook.

Group shot 🙂


There’s nothing I love more than spending time with friends and watching the happiest day of their lives happen.  Fiona and Chris are such a great match and I loved nothing more than seeing them tie the knot.  It was a great weekend and I look forward to many more like it with old and new friends!

Spring Love

11 Apr

This weekend my step brother got married at the most beautiful venue.  The bride and her family/friends also creatively made a large percentage of all the wedding decorations.  As always, I was snapping photos.

Here was the venue.  On the property there were a few houses like this but this specific one was where their reception was held.

I always love getting to catch up with family.  Here’s three generations together (my step mom, my step-sister in law, and my nephew).  My nephew is seriously the happiest, sweetest baby.  His name is Luke and he was such a trooper staying up through the entire reception laughing and playing.

The floral arrangements they made themselves!  Such a great idea, the bride wanted to make her own bouquet and they also made all of the center pieces and other bouquets.

The reception area.

The bride and groom leaving the altar.

The groomsmen and groom before the wedding.

Just the cutest!

Brothers, although my lens wasn’t all the way clean at this point and I wish the photo was a tad clearer.

The real photographers 🙂

Bride and Groom 🙂

Jackson, my step cousins baby who is also such an amazingly good baby.  And soooo cute, Jackson and Luke kill me with their cuteness.

First dance ❤

Father/Daughter dance!

Mother/Son dance!

The delicious cake!

Dad and I 🙂

Sooo many more pictures still, will upload more tomorrow night.