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The return of Travel Thursdays with Venice Beach!

19 Jan

I stopped doing Travel Thursdays for a while because although I’ve seen a some cool places, a lot of my photos are so old!  I’ll continue to write about ones that are must-sees and current places though.  Here’s a post about my trip to the world famous Venice Beach last Sunday.  I had always heard just how extraordinary it was and I’d always seen it on TV and in movies so I figured I couldn’t miss seeing it.  It was truly something else.  I had to split this into two posts as well because there were so many interesting things to see in Venice Beach.  Here’s the first batch of photos, enjoy!

The art in Venice was one of my favorite things about the place.  Almost every building or wall is painted.

It was so cool, all you have to do is give the city a copy of your driver’s license and you can go tag the Venice walls in this beach area.  I loved watching people tag the walls and I LOVE the colors of good graffiti.

Hey I found my initials, at least I think 🙂

So much paint.

Even the trees?

Oh yeah and there’s an awesome skate park on the beach.  So cool to watch all the amazing skaters from toddlers to old guys hand planting.  Yes, that happened!

So cute!

A moment of calm.

Travel Thursdays! Venice, Italy Edition

13 Oct

Ohhh Italy… You hear about it from everyone who has experienced it but yet it’s never the same as when you experience it for yourself.  Strolling through the cobble stone streets is even more enchanting when you have not a worry in the world but to enjoy your travels.  I love how you either walk or take a boat taxi everywhere in Venice.  The food and desserts are also a huge reason to see the sights of Venice.  This is coming from a person though that could be won over by a single slice of delectable pizza… Here are some photos of what I enjoyed when in Venice.

The infamous Rialto Bridge.

View from a gondola.


No handicap access anywhere, just an FYI.  I like the symmetry of these stairs though.  We hiked them with our luggage which is always entertaining!


Casanova’s home.

Our Gondolier.

Water taxis.

By St. Mark’s Plaza.


Prison across the water.

I loved all the beautiful glass work at the shops and the cheap jewelry.  You can’t go to Venice and not take home a keepsake.  It’s a beautiful place that should be a bucket lister.  I’d love to go back and hopefully will in the future 🙂