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Two Door Cinema Club

17 Apr

Two Door Cinema Club played the Fillmore in San Francisco Thursday April 14th and the show was great.  They played pretty much all of the songs off of Tourist History and a few new ones that haven’t been released yet.  Their new songs are just as great if not better then the Tourist History hits.  I can’t wait until the next time I’ll be able to see another show of theirs.  They always sound incredible from instruments to vocals.  Here are some photos from the show, definitely don’t miss out on seeing them if they come to your town!

I couldn’t bring my DSLR to this show so the quality is not as great but it was still a good excuse to get out and document one of my personal favorites.

Cannot wait for their next album.  My coworker, Chelsea, and I are obsessed with the new song “handshake.”  They just finished it a few weeks ago, keep an ear out for it!