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The last night of a tour always makes a lasting impression

20 Dec

Last night, I was able to squeeze into the sold out Naked and Famous show due to my wonderful friend Keeley!  I’d been wanting to see them for a while now but San Francisco loves them and sells them out before I get the chance to hop on the ticket train.  Also, when I squeezed into the sold out Grouplove and Joy Formiddable  show – The Naked and Famous were the headliners but I took the train and their bus broke down disabling them from playing at a normal hour.  They didn’t take the stage until long after I had to catch my train which was a huge bummer.  I knew it wouldn’t be the last chance to catch up with them though.

The Naked and Famous are sky rocketing out of the gate with their first full album, Passive Me, Aggressive You.  With two songs in the major Red Bull snowboarding hit, The Art of Flight (which if you haven’t seen, you NEED to see even if you are not that into snowboarding, it’s incredible), The Naked and Famous have proved why their sound will keep them on the map.  With the unique mix of synthetics, two different lead vocals, and the riveting ups and downs of every song, it’s safe to say not one person left this show early at The Independent in SF last night.  The room stayed packed until they closed with their biggest hit “Young Blood.”

They played some B side songs as well which kept up with the album tunes.  The female and male lead singer were so enthralling to watch.  They moved perfectly to their own beat, each of them to a different one but still on beat with the song.  Not to mention, they sounded better live which can be a crap shoot with some bands.  White Arrows opened for them and although they seemed a little green on stage, they were ear worthy.  It was the perfect opening act for the Naked and Famous.  They were similar in sound but a band I’d never heard of.  That’s always the best recipe for introducing a following to a new band with a sold out house.

It was unfortunately the last night of their tour so you can’t catch them until next time BUT when they tour again next year, make sure you don’t miss this band.  See them while you can in a small venue.  You’ll have the memory of it forever.

Vancouver, Canada eh?

26 Aug

Last summer at this time I was in Vancouver, Canada and loving every minute of it.  It’s such a fabulous vacation destination for so many reasons. It’s such a clean, wonderful city.  Here are some photos to show why Vancouver is in my top 5 most beautiful cities that I’ve ever seen.

There are cruise ships, freighters, sea planes, and so much more passing by on the water way with the mountains in the background.

If you know me, you know my obsession with interesting modern art and architecture.  This was an area for cruise ships.

The Olympic torch from the previous games here!


Pixelated free willy, pretty awesome.

You can take a short drive to Shannon Falls which is gorgeous.

The wall to the parking garage at the airport was all plants!  This was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

My family and I had such a great time on this trip.  We’ve been twice now and my brother has decided to have his honeymoon in Vancouver and Whistler in 3 weeks!  Pictures don’t do this place justice.

North Beach, San Francisco

25 Aug

Lucky me, North Beach is also very close to my work so today I grabbed Rani and Chelsea and we headed to North Beach for our lunch time shenanigans!  This city has gems around every corner and when you are in good company, there’s nothing better.  We cruised around North Beach for a while and then ate at House of Thai.  It’s incredibly delicious Thai food and everything (food wise) on the menu is $5.  I’m starting to realize that not everywhere in the city is out to rob your pocket book 🙂  Here are some photos I took today.

The bookstore on the corner of Broadway and Columbus is very unique.  Outside on the corner they have all these floating light books in the sky.  At night they flash on and off and are so amazing to see.

There’s also a really neat hand painted mural in the background that covers the entire exposures of the corner building marking the beginning of North Beach.

Another part of the mural.

It’s amazing the things you find when you just look up above the tree tops.  A large cathedral here.

Columbus St (from Broadway on) is lined with adorable eateries and cafes.  Stroll along this strip and you are sure to find a stomach pleasing, heart happy experience.

Did I mention it’s also considered “Little Italy”??  Maybe that’s why I like the selection of food so much!

We did the extraordinary today in “Little Italy” though… we ate Thai!  I have to say it was absolutely delicious.

This is Vesuvio in the half yellow building.  It’s a bar that we just so happened to try out last Saturday night and it was a great time.  The drinks were, for the most part, $5 and the environment was cozy.  There were tables throughout two stories so it was intimate enough where you could still talk with the people you were there to spend time with.  A great, inexpensive place to go before perusing the rest of North Beach,

North Beach is a touristy area though so if you aren’t a fan of being around a ton of people, this might not be the place for you.

If you were to head the opposite direction on Columbus, you’d be headed towards Market St. and the Trans America Building.  Crazy how you can look two ways on a San Francisco street and see two different worlds.

Full of lots of little alley ways.

My partners in crime, love them tons.  We have so much fun together!  After we were done in North Beach of course we wanted to go to Chinatown and buy random things…

The things sold in these stores is beyond me what the real purpose is but boy do I love trying to think of who I could buy some of it for as a silly gift!

More stuff.

Chelsea had the genius idea of buying the snappers you throw and they pop when they hit the ground.  That was probably the most fun we’ve had in a while finding interesting ways to snap the little contraptions.  Here’s Chelsea trying to throw one at me and I find it to be a classic photo haha

  Great times 🙂  I hope to have more good places and times soon!