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Houseboat Life

24 Aug

Hi!  I’m sorry I’ve neglected my blog this week, it’s been quite the challenging week with work and things so I’ve had my focus other places.  I cannot wait to share with you my house boating experience with all my friends last weekend.  It was such an amazing weekend and the weather was really great.  I have many more photos to share and a bunch of great photo projects over the weekend and also a new project I’ll be working on that I cannot wait to announce soon :D!

Sunset swimming was my favorite!

Shannon and me checking out the islands as we drove by them.  There are all these awesome beaches and private islands all along the Delta.

We were surrounded by farm land at points, it was crazy to see the view from the roof of the house boat because it’s not what you would expect.

Mt. Diablo!

Evening BBQ’s with this view.

Morning showers and amazing skies.

There was a fishing tournament going on the weekend we were on the Delta.

Calm morning water.

Rain drops.


One of the coves we found for swimming and BBQ’ing.

It was such a great weekend for relaxation and having some good downtime with friends.  I will share more photos soon!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

The sun is setting on earlier afternoons

4 Oct

Lately there have been some magnificent sunsets and I thought I’d share some of the photos I’ve snapped of the cloud patterns and interested rays of light I’ve seen in the afternoon.

A horse on the hill admiring the last bits of glowing sun for the day.

The opposite view of the horse.

I love the contrast of blue skies and orange hills.

The sun starting to set.

There was a bird hovering above the highest mound.

The last picture of this particular sunset.

I love vibrant, natural lighting.  I also kind of have an obsession with sunsets, could you tell?!  🙂  I did a photoshoot for someone on this night and I can’t wait to post the pictures from it.  They came out amazing with this lighting but I will post after they see their pictures first.

Is it possible that summer might actually be here??

25 Jul

This weekend the weather forecast didn’t look too promising going into it but it ended up being absolutely beautiful!  It didn’t hurt that I had some very important visitors either to enjoy it with.  Saturday consisted of family brunch, followed but dinner in SF with Ian, and then Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the most beautiful venue ever…. Mountain Winery in Saratoga with Kimmie, Ian, Shannon and Lacey.   I have some more photos from the weekend that I will post when I upload them to my computer.

Sunday was perfect.  The sun was out and the pool was calling our names.  Ian and I went over to my parents for pool time and cheeseburgers.  I haven’t had a “summer day” like this yet.  I’ve been on the go so much and the weather has been pretty unpredictable so it was nice to finally just relax.  Here’s a few photos and I have more from my nice camera of the boys lounging that I’ll upload when I get a moment.

Love eating all of the in-season fruit during the summer.  My favorites are peaches, plums and pears.  Costco recently had some EXCELLENT cartons of peaches.

I’ve been trying to work on my floating skills while wearing a sunhat hahah NOT easy but oh so relaxing.

Doing some more floating before Ian jumped on me in the pool!  This is also obviously just an illusion, I had two kick-boards under my back 🙂  I used to have all sorts of great pool floats and such but my parents have two dogs that love floatation devices as well…

I think it’s safe to say… summer is finally here or at least for the time being.

Where do you want to retire?

29 Jun

My dad and Vicki have been working hard on the home where they have decided is where they will retire.  I got to spend the night with them last weekend and enjoy the space that they enjoy so much.  It was such a fun experience to see them living the life they have dreamed of and where they can grow old together.  It’s in a place called Valley Springs, CA and not your typical retirement plan.  Valley Springs can be incredibly hot in the summer and cold in the winter but it’s made a home for two people that I love very much and they have truly started to transform their place into a amazing oasis.

Here is part of the back part of their lot now.  Right outside of the house, they’ve worked hard to put a spa and other recreational areas so that when it isn’t so hot out they can enjoy evenings out in the yard.

  Here’s the neighbor’s dog that visits over the fence and plays with my dad and Vicki’s dogs.  They only have this one neighbor close by who they enjoy talking with.

Here’s Buster and Harley.  Harley is named after my dad’s love for Harley motorcycles.  My dad actually custom made one of his saddle bags to be able to let Harley come for bike rides with him.  It’s a cozy pouch with a hole in the top for him to be able to have his head out and his dachshund ears flapping in the wind.

Here’s Buster who is primarily Vicki’s.  Even though they are a package deal, when they got the dogs it seemed that they gravitated to different ones.  Buster is sitting in one of my dad and Vicki’s first backyard pieces.  A beautiful rock well that with their designing and own backyard, the duo built together!

Here’s my dad adding some rocks to the top of the well.

He searched the yard for tons of large pebbles to decorate the well with.  He also did this for the walls of the well.  He searched for large stones and took the time to perfectly piece them together to create this beautiful stone well made out of their own backyard!

Here’s a good example of some of the rocks he used to fill the top of the well.

Here he is smoothing them out.

The final product, all made from the very same back yard!  It looks so great and it’s so nice to have the hot tub too.  My dad put the hot tub in himself, too.  One night we went out and soaked in the hot tub which was so peaceful and relaxing.  Watching the day turn to night in Valley Springs is another relaxing moment to enjoy.

Every time I have visited Valley Springs the sunsets get more and more unreal.  The colors are just so beautiful.

Here’s Vicki, my dad and I (and the dogs of course as well) enjoying a morning coffee in their “sun” room.  It’s so open and walled with windows so you can look out on the property and enjoy from a cooler or warmer space depending on the season.

My dad likes to play with his technology toys in this room, too.  Now maybe I see where I got my love for technology toys!

After waking up, having coffee, and enjoying a long morning of good conversation we decided to hit the nearby town of Jackson.  It’s a VERY small town but it’s where my dad and Vicki have made friends with the local shop owners and have really started to form their retirement life.  There are a lot of antique shops and only a restaurant or two.

Here is the main street of Jackson.  Very small but cozy.

They found a great house in a very small town far from any city and have started to build their next phase of life.  It’s so cool to watch it all unfold because they have really made their house into a home and strangers into friends.  I look forward to spending more time in Valley Springs with them!