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Get happy. Outside!

8 Jun

I thought I’d switch it up a little since it’s Friday.  I’ve had a week full of horse riding and spending time outdoors which inspired me to get this outdoor set up.  I’m inside typically a good chunk of the day at work so on my lunches and after work, I love to be outside.  I have the perfect little stoop to relax on that’s shaded for the weekend mornings or cool evenings.  I wanted to be able to make a space I could enjoy so alas, here’s my new outdoor nook!  I have a few more ideas I want to put into make it this more of an actual outdoor “living” space if you will and I’ll share as I update.

It’s a simple wire set.

I have some greenery around as well 🙂

It’s a simple space that I hope to bring to life over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!  Also, if you have any fun ideas or patios I’d love to hear/see.  It’s amazing what fresh air can do for you.  I always feel so much better just sitting outside with the sound of the birds and I actually have a very green back yard and side yard.  I’ll have to do a garden post soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!