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Romantic Dress

16 Feb

OK, onto the next fashion post.  We have been loving all the long maxi dresses and I’m currently obsessed with skirts/dresses with a see through bottom half.  They are so elegant and easy.

Chelsea’s is a Forever21 dress (I’m telling you, it’s amazing the pieces you can get from that store for less than your dinner!).  I love the colors on her and the flow from the high cut in the front to the longer train in the back.

I love the movement in her hair here.

She’s such an easy model to shoot because I could have used almost every frame that I took on this day!

My favorite goddess style dress that I got at a small affordable boutique on Haight St.  I love everything about the detailing on this dress and the style of it.

I love this dress and with the unusually warm days we’ve had on occasion, it’s such a nice piece to throw on while strolling a music festival or farmer’s market!