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Fun weekend with good times and great friends

9 Jun

This weekend was a great one for many reasons but mainly because I got to catch up with friends. Why does it seem that the older you get, time flies by so much faster.  I’ve been trying my best lately to not let any opportunity, to spend time with people I care about, slip through the cracks.  My friend Sheena is in town from London and although it’s been a long time since we have hung out, it always picks up like we just saw each other yesterday.  My friend Candace had planned for us to go to a sailor party on the day that I could finally catch a break so here are some photos from the sailor party!

Me, Sheena, Candace, and Sam.  Three great people right here, I love them all.

The party hosts really decked out their apartment to look like the inside of a boat!!

Here’s a close up of one of the windows.  They had the most amazing view of the Golden Gate.

Sam let me borrow this fake shark that was quite the hit at the party and at the street fair!

Me and Sheena.  I really miss this girl!!

Sheena and Nini!

They had a huge open bar with hired bartenders!  They also had a DJ to produce the tunes =)

Sam and Sheena with Nemo 🙂

And then I ran into Lacey at the Union St. Fair!  I also ran into many other friends that were SO great to see.  I didn’t spend much time at the Union St. Fair but there were so many great food vendors and the streets were closed down for attendees to peruse.