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American Idol kicking off again

20 Jan

I have to admit American Idol a great show to watch.  Although time has been of the essence lately, maybe I’ll record some episodes to catch up on this weekend while the rain comes down.  I do enjoy listening to talented singers (maybe it has something to do with my major love for music?).   Anyways, Adam Lambert stopped by the morning shows to do some interviews and hang out.  Very, very nice guy and gracious for all the support his fans have been giving him.

Happy Friday everybody, I know I’m looking forward to a low key weekend filled with movies, horses and rain.
❤ B

Rachel Platten showcase for lunch?

15 Sep

Yesterday for our lunch time sneak peak, we had a new artist named Rachel Platten.  I am never really sure what to expect when we find out a new artist is coming in that I’ve never heard of but find that I’m always pleasantly surprised.  It’s so refreshing to see artist come in who are great performers and just know they are made to do this.  Rachel is one of those performers that really commands the stage with confidence and she’s funny, too!  She took 90’s rap and slowed it down with her soothing voice all while beat-boxing in between verses and playing piano.  It was a great example of new and fun talent.  She will be touring this Fall so if you like her music, try to catch one of her shows as you will most definitely be entertained.

Here she is rocking out on her piano.

She was very funny and had a very beautiful voice!  Oh yes, and did I mention how great my iPhone photos are… haha at some point I will get an up to date iPhone but until then… 🙂

Here is her single off her upcoming album:

Enjoy this sneak peak!