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Florence and the Machine – did that really just happen?!

13 Oct

I mean really, was I really this fortunate??  Well if it wasn’t my lucky day, I don’t know what is.  I have posted about Florence a few times (here and here) where I shared who two new released single off of the new album, Ceremonials.  The rest was a mystery to me until this past Monday morning when Florence decided to perform some of her new unreleased album for a small group of people which I just so happened to be in thankfully because of my job.  The set up was a harp, an acoustic guitar and her.  That’s it.  It was one of the most beautiful arrangements I’ve ever heard.  The set also now has me jone-sing for the full album.  I believe it’s going to blow the last album so far out of the water no one will even remember “Dog Days.”   Here’s a few photos from the session.

It was a very dark set but her voice gave me goose bumps the entire time.  Her voice is flawless.

The album is being released on October 31st in the UK.  I’ll be anxiously waiting 🙂