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Rain in the city means snow in Tahoe!

27 Mar

I am a snow lover and considering my boyfriend, Ian, lives in beautiful lake Tahoe (where I used to live for a year and a half), I find any time/excuse to get up to Tahoe.  I was just here a few weeks ago and everyone was saying how that was the most snow they had ever seen but little did we all know even MORE SNOW was on it’s way!!  Ian and his friends all have snow mobiles and live where they pretty much have backyard access to snow mobile trails.  We got to go out snowmobiling today and I documented some of the snow experience in the back country.

If this gives you any indication how much snow there is in North Lake Tahoe right now….

Here’s Ian on his snowmobile!

The funny thing about all of the snow is that everyone kept getting stuck!  Here’s our friend Matt stuck sideways in the snow and then Brandon got stuck as well.  Everyone got stuck at least once today but it was such a fun day!

Here’s Brandon and Alex doing snow mobile wheelys haha I didn’t even know this was possible until today.

And one more snow photo because it’s just unbelievable how much snow there is…