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We got it all right here

23 Apr

I’ve been a little M.I.A from blogging lately because I’ve had a lot going on with work and travels but I’m going to be the come back kid this week and hopefully get back in gear!  Coachella was naturally one of the most amazing weekends and it was followed up by another amazing weekend in Tahoe.  Above is me and one of my best friends Em just having fun on a pier in Tahoe.  It was the most amazing weather this weekend and Em and her husband, Matt, are some of the best people I know.  We always have such a good time together and I’ll see Em again when we head to the Neon Indian show in SF this week.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I look forward to catching up on your blogs as well 🙂

Birds, Surf and Sun

18 Jan

OK, this was seriously hard to narrow photos down into even two posts.  I had so many that I felt really showed the vibe of Huntington Beach.  Here’s the second set of my Huntington Beach photos.  What a wonderful place to spend my Saturday.  I think I’ll have to go back there sometime, especially in the summer!

Seagulls lounging.

Kimmie and a bird that kept swooping in near us.  Must have thought we were going to feed him.

The composition of this photo was all Kimmie’s idea and that’s her in the photo but it is a very cool perspective!

Gone fishin’

Me and Kimmie!

Fly a kite?

Kimmie’s jump shot!

Workin’ on my handstand.

This kid was cracking me up.

Surfers battling for the wave.

In between contest sets.

Under the Pier.

Cat wants to be a lion 🙂

Huntington Beach is amazing ❤

What is winter in Southern California?!

17 Jan

One of the first stops Kimmie and I made on my Southern CA excursion was to Huntington Beach.  I was so excited to see Huntington because she used to live there and so did a bunch of our friends, so it was exciting to see their old stomping grounds!  I’ve also never lived on or very near to a beach (I’ve lived close to Lake beaches but not ocean), so it’s fun to get to see the beach towns and people.  This past Saturday was the day we wandered around Huntington and there also happened to be a small surf contest going on but I had so much fun shooting photos from the pier of all the surfers and waves.  I couldn’t believe this was Southern California winter weather.  It was between 65-75 the entire weekend and people were in the water surfing all over the place.  I shot so many photos that I’ve decided to split this post into two.  Here’s the first of two, enjoy!

Ruby’s diner at the end of the Pier, so cute!

I love the way the waves look when they crash from the ocean side view.  So pretty.

So many surfers!

Surf contest.  The contest was on one side of the pier and the other side was for all of the other surfers.

We were literally looking down at the surfers.  It was such a neat and interesting perspective.

What to do on a sunny day in San Fran

16 Jun

With no Spring to ever really arrive, Summer has hit us full force!  Yesterday and today have been so warm in San Francisco hitting close to 80 degrees.  So what is the best thing to do when you get good weather in San Francisco?? Enjoy it!!

I went for a stroll all along the Embarcadero and explored the area around one of the most romantic pieces in San Francisco (one of my favorites), Cupid’s Span.  Here are the photos:

One of the best view of the bay bridge you can get comes from the end of Pier 14.

Walking out to the end of the pier.

A view of the Ferry Building from out on Pier 14.

Bring your lunch!  You can sit in one of the many swivel stools and soak in all the amazing sites to be seen here.

The end of Pier 14.  People are fishing, shooting photos and enjoying this scenic area.

Another view back from the pier.

A view of Cupid’s Span from the pier!

LOVE this piece.

Two of my favorites… The Bay Bridge and Cupid’s Span.

And of course, if you are going to be on the Embarcadero you can’t forget to visit the Ferry Building.  It’s overpriced but has some amazing food spots.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, there is an amazing Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building where all of the local produce is sold.  It’s cash only but there are ATM’s all around the Ferry Building.