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What you did or didn’t miss at Bay to Breakers this year

22 May

Well the annual San Francisco race Bay to Breakers seems to always carry conflict around it.  You’d think, why is that?  It’s supposed to be about a 7 mile round all around the streets of San Francisco but after the actual running athletes make it through, there are a group of costume dressed young adults ready to drink their way through the course.  This can cause lots of litter and disruption in the streets but if you’re easy going and have never seen this race, it’s definitely something very different.  This year, since Chelsea lives right along the course, we thought we’d just hang out and watch the spectacle from one point of view.  The morning progressed very quickly.  We woke up to the cheering on for the athletes which then only turned into dj’s and dance parties.  Here are some photos in case you missed this extravaganza in San Francisco this weekend.

The runners trekking through the course.

The crowds of runner’s started to pick up.  As you can see though, there’s no one in the park area at this point in time.

Around 830am or so, musicians started setting up along the race to get ready for the more festive participants.

Around noon, the streets were PACKED.  I headed down to shoot some photos and was caught in the masses.

Costumes of all kinds.

Limbo in the mix.

People would stop in one place for a while and then keep moving on.

The parks were all filled with people who just needed a break.  Golden Gate Park fills with thousands.

Celebration confetti.

This is really an event for all different kinds to enjoy.  If you’re an athlete, you’ll enjoy the earlier festivities.  If you’re a party animal, you’ll enjoy the tail end of the runners.  If you’re a spectator, you will be on sensory overload all day.  There is NEVER a dull moment at San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers race.

GroupLove I love you

9 Dec

Last night, my work had a pre-concert concert.  That may sound silly to some of you but I find it one of the most awesome ideas in the world.  When you are a music lover, you understand this need for good live music.  Stand out artist of the night was Grouplove last night.  Here are some photos, the lighting was hard to shoot with but because I was right above them – the lighting almost made some of the photos look wide angle which was good practice for me for tonight!

They danced like there was no tomorrow, it was amazing.  So much positive energy contagiously sprawling across the room.

Molly Ringwald’s twin is in the band!  OK, not really but they looked a lot alike.

So damn cute!

The Joy Formiddable was up next!

Last photo of the night.  The Joy Formiddable.

Last but not least one of my all time favorites The Naked and Famous played but I couldn’t hang around to see their set unfortunately 😦  I will however get to see them in a week so I will stop pouting for now 🙂

Some must listens from Grouplove:
“Tongue Twisted”
“Gold Coast”
“Lovely Cup”

How I celebrated my Halloween

1 Nov


This year for Halloween I actually went out and braved a Halloween party in the city.  For the past few years, I’ve either worked at concerts doing photography or went to concerts which were equally as fun but I was in more work mode for those.  This year, we went out to a friend’s party and I had a blast.  Here are a few photos from Saturday night:

Chelsea was Harry Potter and Anthony was Spiderman in his custom made one piece.  That thing was awesome!

I was Ke$ha and Ian was my body guard (for the first part of the night at least haha he later changed his outfit to become a car… quite the transformer!)

One of our other friends had a full on body costume!  I think he was a character from Yo Gabba Gabba?

Crafting to help Ian change his costume mid-party haha

Friends 🙂

Chelsea and Ian!

And then we found a Darth Vader mask! haha There were some big time costumes at this party.  I wish I was better at Halloween costumes but I got some great ideas from this party for next year so maybe I’ll have to brave the city again next year 🙂

Tyme for Tea

17 Aug


Just two weekends ago was my brother’s fiance, Liz’s, bridal shower at a place called Tyme for Tea in Fremont, CA.  Vicki threw the party for Liz and it was a “tea” time theme at a very cute tea house nestled in the cozy Niles downtown of Fremont.  Here are some pictures from the fun celebration = )

The adorable table decor!

The bride to be, Liz, is on the left!  Her mother (middle), Nancy, and sister (right) came up for the shower from Orange County for the weekend.  It was a great family weekend.

There are different set ups for event options but Vicki chose a wonderful option of a three course tea time which started out with these amazing home-made warm blueberry scones (with additional dressings of scrumptious flavors).

The second course was many different types of petite sandwiches.  From a fresh, crisp cucumber sandwich to a warm cheesy, artichoke sourdough bites, there were many great selections.

And alas, The third course… desserts!  The blueberry cheesecake confections were my favorite!  Believe it or not, I was SO full after these three little meals.  They were just the right amount of food.

Everyone was having such a great time catching up over tea and/or the most amazing peach champagne I’ve ever had in my entire life.

(Left to right) Pat, Liz, my mom (in the back), Haley, and Vicki!

The whole set-up was beyond cute.

The moms and Liz =)

Liz opened all of her wonderful presents before we ended our tea time.  This was definitely a GREAT idea for a bridal shower.  It’s a small enough setting that you can catch up with everyone but also sit and enjoy the treats.

After the shower, we went back to my parents house to rescue my “neglected” brother (aka groom to be).  He was happily drinking his great white out of a great white beer coozie and watching shark week.  The happy life of a soon to be married couple 🙂