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Bend, Oregon Pet Parade!

9 Jul

While in Bend, Oregon over the weekend, I had the privilege of getting to enjoy their annual Fourth of July Pet Parade!  I absolutely love animals and when I heard they had one downtown, I couldn’t wait to go see all the festive pets and smiling faces pouring out across the main streets.  I thought I’d share a few of the cutest and/or more interesting ones with you!

I loved this cute little cowboy lizard!

A painted fourth of July turtle!

All of the dogs had cute little outfits on, too!

My favorite!!!!  Air Chihuahua!!!!

I have never seen anything like it but apparently this guy or girl is a celebrity around town!  He was the very last to come through the parade and everyone cheered so loud when dog and owner came through the streets.

His owner would pull her down so all of the little kids in the front rows could pet her.

This was really cool!  No pets involved but it was a bicycle pub where everyone sitting around pedaled and sampled local brewing at the same time!  We saw this going around town at night and I just thought it was so neat and such a fun idea.

And then of course a view of Mt. Hood on the drive back from Bend!

More from my time in Oregon

8 Jul

I love the drive up to Mt. Hood from Portland.  You can see the glacier from a lot of different points along the drive.  I have so many pictures of it because it always looks so amazing.

Getting closer on the drive up!

Although he doesn’t share my picture hobby, he’s nice enough to pull over and let me indulge.

My first trip to Trillium Lake.

Us 🙂

The cool wood planked pathways to and around Trillium Lake.  I thought these were really cool!



Summer at Mt. Hood- Fourth of July weekend

6 Jul

I just got back from an amazing weekend in Government Camp, OR and Bend, OR for the fourth of July.  I have so much to update but here are two photos from the weekend to get me started.

Trillium Lake, OR.

Sunset up at Timberline Lodge.