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It really was a Not So Silent Night

19 Dec

OK, so I posted all my favorite Florence photos already and a re-cap of the night but not as many photos.  Here is the rest of the photos from one of the best concerts of my life, Live105’s Not So Silent Night : )  I shot with a Canon 60D and an L series lens (1.4f 35mm).  Shooting concerts is not easy, A) to get the priveledge and B) to get good crisp and dynamic shots.  Here’s my crack at becoming a real concert photographer.  Any tips, comments and/or suggestions welcome!

Me and my other photog friend, Jess!  We’ve been learning together and have shared shooting some life changing concerts together.

Young the Giant.

I love concert black and whites.

This one isn’t great but I loved that he climbed on the speakers.

Bush.  I had some amazing ’90s flashbacks and actually really enjoyed Bush live!  Gavin Rossdale’s still got it : )

This guitarist had the best lighting on him to shoot photos of and Gavin wasn’t lit well at all.  I found that to be very interesting and strange at the same time.

OK, so total photo manipulation but I love the look of this photo.

Gavin went around the entire arena and sang to fans who were singing along with him.  It was pretty cool to see fans just light up and get to sing with their music hero.

I love this crowd shot for some reason.  People posed!  Pretty great : )

Mumford started in silhouette which I personally LOVE!

Mumford and Sons

I love every instrument that creates the music in Mumford and Sons.

Attempting more black and whites.

The horns.

Marcus Mumford.

Green Day.

Billy Joe Armstrong.

I love the motion in this photo.  One of the nicest bands.

Shooting concerts is sooo tricky because musicians move so fast and the lighting is literally all over the place with strobes and it comes from every direction.  It’s a learning process shooting some of these shows and there is a ton of room for improvement on these photos but it is beyond fun working on honing these skills 🙂

On the 12th day of Christmas, the music gods gave to me…. the opportunity to photograph Florence Welch!

15 Dec

OK, here’s the first set of photos from Live 105’s Not So Silent Night. I had to go with Florence.  She’s in my top 5 favorite artists and her performance was absolutely magical.

Her dress flowed with her grace on stage.

The harp!  One of my favorite instruments.  Maybe I’ll add learning how to play to my bucket list 🙂

One of my favorites with the light shining through her dress.

Another of my favorites.

You’ve seen this in my sneak peak previous post 🙂

Honestly, I can’t say it enough… if you haven’t seen her live, you must go.  I was so fortunate to be able to be shooting this show and I hope I will get another opportunity to do so in the future.  I shot all of these on my Canon 60D with an L series lens (1.4f 35mm).

A few good songs for the week

15 Nov

Three songs that I’ve been listening to this week are below.  They are nice soothing songs helping to keep my stress levels down in this very heavy week of work.  Also, two of them are getting me excited for one of my work’s upcoming shows (where did I mention my girl Flo will be there?!?).  Live 105’s Not So Silent Night has been a HUGE part of my life for the last four years.  Not only because I work for the company that creates this event but because they bring some of the largest names in Alternative rock together for one large Christmas time concert.  This year the line-up is rock steady with: Jane’s Addiction, Bush, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, and Young the Giant (Along with a local artist who wins a battle of the bands type competition).  It’s been an amazing show and you can see some of the past artists and my music photography here (where we have had some of my absolute favorites perform in the past, like Phoenix).   I also threw a little Grace Potter in this week’s mix because her voice in the song below blows me away.  Any way, I ramble on more about that as the time gets closer 🙂  Enjoy for now!