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Florence and the Machine – did that really just happen?!

13 Oct

I mean really, was I really this fortunate??  Well if it wasn’t my lucky day, I don’t know what is.  I have posted about Florence a few times (here and here) where I shared who two new released single off of the new album, Ceremonials.  The rest was a mystery to me until this past Monday morning when Florence decided to perform some of her new unreleased album for a small group of people which I just so happened to be in thankfully because of my job.  The set up was a harp, an acoustic guitar and her.  That’s it.  It was one of the most beautiful arrangements I’ve ever heard.  The set also now has me jone-sing for the full album.  I believe it’s going to blow the last album so far out of the water no one will even remember “Dog Days.”   Here’s a few photos from the session.

It was a very dark set but her voice gave me goose bumps the entire time.  Her voice is flawless.

The album is being released on October 31st in the UK.  I’ll be anxiously waiting 🙂

Feist ‘Metals’ Album Released!

5 Oct

It’s official Feist’s new album ‘Metals’ is out and I’ve been awaiting this moment for a while now.  I was in absolute (and still am!) in love with their album The Reminder.  It had their famous song “1234” on it but that’s probably close to the bottom of my list of favorite songs from that album.  I can listen to that album from end to start over and over again.  Her voice is so beautiful and in perfect key to my ear drums.  Feist did release a first album titled “Let it Die” that is OK with a few strong songs on it.  The Reminder really put Feist on the map though and created a recording artist that would be hard to match.  If you like Florence and the Machine you would really enjoy Feist.

Now with Metals out, I wasn’t sure what to expect but held my expectations high.  They allowed listeners to go to their website and sneak peak it for the previous week so I checked it out.  I don’t ever think it’s fair to judge an album by first listen because how are you supposed to let the tracks resonate with your musical brain?  I always listen to an album and then ask myself the next day which songs I remembered.  Then I’ll go and listen one more time.  This is when I know which songs I am delighted to hear and if I like the album.  Although I’m not as attached to ‘Metals’ as I am ‘The Reminder’ there are some definite strong songs and it could eventually surpass my love for ‘The Reminder’ with time.  ‘Metals’ is full of slow, romantic lullabies.  I’ve fallen completely in musical love with “How Come You Never Go There.”  Here’s a listen to the track:

I also enjoy “Woe Be.”  That and “How Come You Never Go There” are the instant grabbers.  The rest of the album follows up in synchronization of soft melodies.  You can get a FREE listen here.  If you love the last album like I do, you are definitely going to want to give ‘Metals’ a listen.  I’m going to leave you with some of my favorites from their past albums just because I can’t stop listening today.

OK, OK I’ll stop now because I could probably post the entire album if I keep going.  I do love me some Feist though, so take a listen to ‘Metals’ and don’t neglect good music for your ears 🙂