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Fun is contagious.

27 Apr

How many people can pond skim one sled?!

On our beautiful Sunday snowmobile session, there happened to be an ever-growing pond forming in one flat of the mountain that we decided needed to be explored.  We decided after a bunch of individual pond skimming that we would really just pile people on one sled to really Spring Break it up.  I literally was laughing the entire time.  It was so much fun.  There are some pretty funny photos, too.

This is how the small pond started.

The guys worked on carving it out more.

Emily and I doubled for the first team effort.  We could not stop laughing.  We love being goofy and doubling together to do silly things.  Last time we doubled was to do donuts on the Phaser… People said they could hear us laughing from a ways away.

Contemplating how to fit more on.

Then we made three on one sled happen.  Easy.

Although, now the pond is growing.

But we made it!

For the grand finale.  Let’s add two more!

We made it!


Fun is so contagious.

Happy Friday – go have limitless amounts of fun this weekend 🙂

Mt. Rose drive

19 Apr

One of the most beautiful drives to do on a nice day is on Mt. Rose highway which connects Lake Tahoe and Reno.  Lucky for me, I have a boyfriend who loves to go for drives.  He also loves cars so he is always buying and selling cars to enjoy them.  Right now he has a convertible so when the weather gave us the opportunity we hit the road for one of the most beautiful afternoon drives I’ve ever been on.

Sunday was the full moon but here it is over the Reno hills on Saturday.

The clouds are always so crazy in Reno.  They make the most beautiful sunsets but the scariest flights out of Reno because they create tons of turbulence.

Here’s my partner in crime and the craziest cloud formation that we were fascinated by the entire drive home.

Black and White cloud.

Driving up near the peak to a look out point.

The look out….

Cruising in the viper, Ian’s latest vehicle.  Check back in a month and it will be something completely different.  I thoroughly enjoy our drives and adventures together though.  There is nothing like just picking up and going for the fun of it.

The crazy cloud as the sun was setting.  The colors and shape of this cloud were unreal.