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The most beautiful site the storm brought to me

4 Jan

Once Ian and I had gotten snowed in and grounded from flying, Ian’s mom Frida was so kind to find a way to make it possible for me to see horses in the snow which has been a long time wish of mine.  It was such a great experience seeing the horses outside in the snow running free.  I thought they might be cold in the snow but they looked as content as ever with even a small snow blanket on.  This is something I wish every animal lover could see in person.  Frida got me a horse photography book for Christmas and I was in love with a photo in the book of this one horse in the snow.  Little did I know I’d get my own chance to practice shooting one of my favorite subjects in the entire world in one of the most beautiful settings – snow!  My fingers were cold from shooting but it was beyond worth it!

Frida’s friend’s who owned the farm were nice enough to let us come out and check out their barns/horses.  One of them, Jason, gave us a wonderful tour and introduced us to all of the animals around the barn.  How lucky they are to live on this amazing farm.  They work very hard to keep it as beautiful as it is.

There’s always barn cats around and their barn cats were friendlier than ever.

This horse, Trigger, was a breed I’d never heard of before, a Colorado Mountain horse.  He was so beautiful.

Frida up close and personal with one of the horses 🙂

Then we met Daisy, the mini horse of a lifetime.  Such a cute mini!

Daisy and one of the barn cats.

Ian letting the horses smell him.  Always the best thing to do when first meeting a horse.

Sweet Daisy.


This horse was a rescue.  He was very happy in his pasture with the snow coming down.

I just loved the colors and setting of this photo.

It was such a wonderful experience to go out and see these horses in the snow.  I was so thankful to Frida for taking me out there, Jason for showing us around, and Ian for being a champ in the freezing with a cold.  I can’t wait to go back next time I’m there and see these beautiful horses again.  I have so many more wonderful Michigan snow pictures from my trip that I can’t wait to post throughout this week and next.

❤ B

By golly, I’m snowed in!

3 Jan

The snow was just coming down yesterday but it was the wind that pulled Ian and my flights from the air.  No flights in, no flights out of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I’ve never seen such a beautiful storm and I have photos to show.  I haven’t had the chance to put them on my computer yet but here’s a photo before the storm.  So quiet and calm.  Today waking up, the wind is gone and it’s quiet again although the flights out today were full.  Ian and I both got flights out of Green Bay tomorrow morning and we will be adventuring tonight with Ian’s parents over to Wisconsin!  In this snowed in time though, I got to go visit a horse barn in the storm and also work on my pet portrait skills with Ian’s sister’s dog, Duke, in the snow.  I have some great posts to come once I get back to my blogging office (aka my laptop and desk or couch at home).

Happy New Year!

❤ B

Fall-ing for colors

28 Sep

One of my favorite parts about Fall are the changing of the leaves.  I am thankful for the beautiful warm weather we are finally having but I can’t wait to see the Fall we are going to have this year.  One of my favorite places to go during Fall is Michigan because everywhere  you go it’s canopies of striking colors.  I shot this photo in Michigan last Fall and oh how I love it there.

Houghton/Hancock trip with my main squeeze

6 Jun

While I was in Michigan, Ian and I took a day trip to Houghton and Hancock.  The two cities sit on opposite sides of a river so they are really close together.  It was just beautiful up there though.  Here are some photos from our trip together.

The draw bridge over the two cities.  The lighting was very cool on this day and the weather was interesting.  It was very warm but windy and while we were there we found out there were tornado warnings for our drive home!  It was very eerie but led to some really cool lighting with the storm clouds.  You will be able to see more in the next photos.

The cute main street in Houghton.

The storm really started rolling in.

Down town.

The bridge to Hancock, again.

Across the river was the ski hill!  Houghton is most known for the Northern Tech University that lines the streets with it’s beautiful buildings.

Then Ian and I went to “the Library” for dinner which was great.  We split a sushi roll for an appetizer that was very good because they have Sushi Tuesdays!  Of course, no trip could happen without an ulterior motive on Ian’s part and that motive….

Ian’s new car!

I just love these men =)!

The best upper peninsula I’ve ever seen

3 Jun

I thoroughly enjoy my visits up to the upper peninsula of Michigan.  It is truly one of the most beautiful places I have been in the states.  I just got back last night but wish I could have stayed for much longer.  I flew into Marquette so the majority of my photos are from around Marquette but we did take a road trip to Houghton/Hancock where it is equally as beautiful.

The bridge over the Bayou to the beach.  Even though it’s Spring, the colors are still vibrant like the end of fall.

From Ian and his family’s back yard.  This is the walk down from the house.

Duke dog loves this place, too.

Frida’s flowers, she is quite the gardener and keeps the yard beautiful with flowers!

A June bug in the back yard.

The back yard… Lake Superior!

I love seeing this guy run free on the beach.  I like this photo too because he is in full gallop down the beach, ears flailing and all.

A storm was about to come through.

What an amazing place to play cards.  I just love looking out these windows.

They live on such an amazing lake.  I have so many photos of Lake Superior but somehow it always looks different.

Here’s the view from Founder’s Landing which is a really neat real estate project that Ian’s dad has invested in and his mom works on.   I will have to dedicate an entire post to Founder’s because I have a ton of photos of the development of this project from the past year or two that I have visited.  Here is a view from one of the upcoming condos.

Low tide.

The sand is so soft and fine on Lake Superior, I love walking barefoot in it.

Sun setting on Lake Superior.

I have MANY more photos to come but I’m exhausted, will catch up over the weekend :)!

Upcoming trip!

23 May

I’m very excited for my upcoming trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It’s such a beautiful place and I enjoy every visit I have there!  I have had the chance to visit during every season and I can say it’s just as beautiful in each season.  One of my favorite seasons to see the UP in though is fall.  This past fall I had so much fun shooting photos all around Marquette with Ian.  Ian and his family are always so nice to have me and show me around.  I am very antsy for my next visit this upcoming weekend!  Here are some photos from this past fall in Marquette, MI.

Ian’s family lives right on Lake Superior so Ian and I walked out on the jetty by the harbor.  It’s a ways out to make it to the end but it’s so beautiful.

The colors are beyond beautiful in Fall.  Ian’s dad sails on this lake, although this isn’t him out there, he often goes out with some of his friends for sail boat races which are so fun to watch.

We like to do a hike to Hogsback which is one of the highest views around and you can see all of the amazing fall colors from the top.

Ian at the top of Hogsback.

I love the amazing skies in Michigan.  They have some of the most beautiful sunsets and beautiful skies when there is a storm brewing.  This day was one of the most phenomenal days for lighting but I don’t have any photos really from this day.  The next two are part of the only that I have.

Beautiful fall colors with the only beam of sun coming through.

Double rainbow.

This is Ian’s back yard.  You walk over a bayou and reach the softest sand at the edges of Lake Superior.  Such a clean and wonderful beach, it makes the most incredible back yard.

Duke dog taking ownership of his beach 🙂

I just love this photo of Duke in the beach grass.

I absolutely can’t wait for my trip and I will have many more photos to share after my trip =)  It’s worth traveling to if you’re looking for a gorgeous outdoor vacation, I know I love visiting!