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Makeshift make up

25 May

Whenever I’m on the go, I’m usually dolled down.  For the rare occasion that I’m going to need to jazz it up a bit and don’t have time to go home, I’ve often had to create eyeliner and lipstick out of random other make up and people have often asked me how.  I thought I’d share this helpful tip and may it help you at some point in time 🙂

I’ve determined you can make anything out of chapstick. Any kind really, unless it’s a plumper or something that tingles.  I’d stay away from those and even better yet I usually use ones with SPF in them.

For eyeliner, I shave off some chapstick and mix with whatever color eye shadow I have.  For the above photo, I used carbon (black) from Mac make up but I’ve used greens, dark blues, and browns.  You can also use lighter colors if you like that look.

I’ve also done this with lip stick.  I’ll take a pretty colored eyeshadow and swirl some in a sliver of chapstick and voila!  You can also put a gloss on top of the make shift lipstick to give the glossy/polished look.

I hope this chapstick tip finds you handy at some point.  Now here’s a preview of next week’s fashion post with Chelsea.  Lots of great details.

Happy Friday everybody!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend and remember what Memorial Day is for ❤

Photoshoot in Sacramento!

20 Mar

One of my best friend is a very talented make up artists.  When she asked me to come take some photos for her portfolio and also be a make-up canvas, I was more than thrilled to go help her!  She has freelanced for Bare Escentuals and worked for many internationally known make-up companies.  She does events and much more so if you’re located in CA, she is more than worth contacting!

For Kelly, she used natural colors with black eyeliner to really outline the shape of her eyes.  Amanda’s blog has more details.

This is the artist herself Amanda =)  She did her own make-up which looks amazing as always.

I requested the pin-up look for my make-up.  I always thought this would be much too drastic but really ended up loving the thick liner with no shadows and a bold lip color.  The colors really bring liveliness to a simple black dress or outfit.  And her cute kitty enjoyed being a part of the shoot 🙂

For more looks and photos, check out her blog: http://artistrybyadele.blogspot.com/