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Itchin’ on a photograph

6 Apr

What a crazy week it has been!  I’ve been so busy just trying to accomplish everything before I head to Coachella next weekend and time has been flying faster than ever.  I can’t wait for it to slow back down over the weekend.  Some great news though, I won the LITTER contest!!!  I’m so so so excited about it and want to thank you if you helped me get there 🙂  I can’t wait to share it all on my blog!  Until then, here’s some of my “insta-life” lately.  Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

jewelry making and wine

post rain barn days

Love my ping pong nights in the mission at the Secret Alley with Chelsea and whoever else we can get to go with us

Saw this dog in the park by my work, so adorable!

sunrises by the bridge

Cadillac commercial being filmed right next to work

Just love him

Seaside sunsets

I love the water.

Lake Tahoe

Spring is bringing out some of my favorite colors

21 Mar

Despite the trickling rain, we still decided to carry on with our photo shoot ideas on Saturday.  I’ve driven by this field a thousand times in my life and for about one month a year, it really flourishes and fills with these beautiful yellow flowers.  What you don’t see is that we are standing in about ankle deep mud while the rain was drizzling down.  You’d never know it by these photos but a little rain never hurt anybody and we are always up for a little slopping around.  Here’s the last location photos from last weekends shoot!


Stopping to smell the flowers : )

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

Up close 🙂

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

Marley really took the mud on like a champ!  Considering half his body was sucked into it!

He’s sooo cute!

Me 🙂  The hat helped block some of the rain!

I love the sheer of this dress.

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

Trying to wrangle the balloons haha

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

(Photo by Henry Houghton)

Photos were shot by Henry and Lesly for my photos but they have all sort of blended now so I’m sorry if I screwed up any of the photo credits you two!  Let me know if so 🙂

I was laughing pretty much the whole time because I have zero knowledge of modeling which makes the entire experience more entertaining.  Lesly is such a pro, every shot we snapped of her was perfect and she was done so quick.  It took me a long while before getting some OK shots.  It was way fun to put some ideas to the camera though and I love that I have people around willing to humor me even when I’m trying to shove a bunch of balloon in the back of the car while wearing a hoodie over a fancy dress and moccasins!  Ohhh it was a sight!