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Lovely Litter!

4 Apr

While watching one of my absolute favorite shows, Shark Tank (thanks to my dad and Vicki for showing me this awesome show), I fell in love with one of the contestants products and the creators/designers are from San Francisco!!  I had to blog about the amazing-ness of these women.  They create unique body jewelry made from scrap chain pieces and the company is called Litter.  (All images below are from their website)

They are so creative and make some of the most unique pieces I’ve ever seen.  I’m so proud to say that such awesome designers are from right here in San Francisco!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from their collections:

So elegant and beautiful.

Also, I’m trying to win some of their AMAZING jewelry and need your help.  I’ve posted a photo on their Facebook page with an outfit and the piece I want to wear to Coachella.  If it gets enough ‘likes’ they will send some of their amazing pieces my way!  Can you help me get likes?  Thank you so much and definitely check out their AMAZING jewelry!  You can also become my friend on facebook as well : )  I haven’t had time to add the widgets yet to my home page but I’ll try to do so soon.  Have a great day!

Favorite Holiday Home and Fashion Trinkets!

16 Nov

Since I will be out of town the week of Thanksgiving, I won’t be at home getting into the holiday cheer.  This is fine by me but since Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, I thought I’d bust out some of my holiday favorites sooner than later.

Red candles!  I’ve replaced my orange and yellow candles now with deep reds for the holidays.

A new green jewelry stand from Forever 21!

It’s perfect for all my different jewelry and I love the matted turquoise!

Red lipstick.  I love red and dark orange hued lipstick.  This one is a Revlon (#018 “Fire”) that I love.  Oh and I also love warm beanies, another plus of winter.

Chunky jewelry!  I love this new Forever 21 necklace (worn above).  I love the dark green beads and gold feathers.

And last but not least… fun nail polish!  Here’s three of my favorites.
(Turquoise – Nordstrom’s $5, Sparkle – Walgreen’s $0.99!, OPI – Beauty Source – on sale for $1.99)  Nail polish is a fun and inexpensive way to add color and/or sparkle to anything.  I love layering sparkles on top of a solid color, too.

These are just small, easy ways to add a little more holiday cheer to your every day life!

Three special pieces

2 Aug

There are three very special pieces of jewelry to me that I wear constantly, practically every day unless I’m going swimming.  They are all very special to me and I happen to LOVE them.  Each piece came from very special people in my life so not only are they great accessories, they are great reminders of the amazing people I have in my life!

The very top thin bracelet is a bangle with hearts on it from my step mom, Vicki.  She got it for me to remind me how much my family continues to support me through life’s adventures.  It was a very sweet and a special present to me, not to mention incredibly cute.  Find other cute ones like it here.

The second piece is my new watch!  I’m so in love with this watch it’s ridiculous.  I love the look of big faced watches and especially gold, now that it’s summer!  My friends at work gave me a gift certificate for our favorite lunchtime jewelry perusing store, Jest Jewels, so that I could go find my perfect watch.  I’ve never worn a watch before!  Shocking but true.  It also has what looks like pearly shell detail on each link and the face.  I kept it a little big so that it sits on my arm more like a bracelet.  This reminds me of what amazing friends I’ve made in my new job and all the fun lunchtime adventures we go on together!

The last piece on the smallest part of my wrist is very special to me as well!  Ian’s amazing mom, Frida Waara, gave this bracelet to me knowing my love of horses and adventure.  She’s really got some incredible stories to share, like her recent trip to the South Pole! (You can read about it here!)  This piece has “Well behaved women rarely make history” engraved on it with horse shoes for good luck and my love of horses.   I will have to do an entire blog posting on this special woman some day soon, she’s really got some riveting stories to share with this world.  I adore the specialized bracelet she got me!

These three bracelets are my absolute favorites and constants.  All are very special and did I mention cute?!  I wear them lounging, to work, to go out and many other places : )