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Weekends are for fun

30 Jul

This past week/weekend were a string of events based around spending time with a friend who is moving from Northern California to Southern California.  We had a group dinner and also went down to Laguna Seca for a weekends worth of fun.  I also tried to squeeze in some decompressing time and I have some more photos from my DSLR of the past events to share this week.  Until then, here’s a few iPhone photos.

Being silly at Lacey’s dinner send off in North Beach.

I’ve been checking out rock climbing/bouldering and I really enjoy it.  It’s like figuring out a puzzle and getting a work out, what more could you ask for? 🙂

We went to Laguna Seca for the Moto GP this weekend and it was AWESOME.  I have some photos to share from that.  The bikes fly around the course.

With Nicky Hayden in the Oakley Lab.

The good stuff!  I’ll be sharing more action photos some time this week 😀

Let the good times roll

13 Jun

I still have more BFD photos to share but I have so many files that I need to get organized before I can post the rest.  Until then, here’s another look into my insta-life.  Why is Instagram truly the best?!  I love seeing people’s photos of where they are and what they are doing.  Not to mention, the filters can make some photos spectacular.  Some of these photos however are just iPhone photos and not instagrammed.  Happy Wednesday!

Delicious coffees on Haight St.

The new guy I’m working with is adorable!

Thank god for daylight savings time.  I love evening walks when the weather is still nice like this.

Enjoying the MGM pool while I was in Vegas.

Weekend relaxing.

The barn.

When I ran into my brother and his wife in the Bellagio in Las Vegas!!!

San Francisco lunches.

Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s.

Pool evenings with Brie 🙂

Backstage view from the main stage at BFD.

crazy skies one night at the barn.

My dad came out to the barn to hang out with me one night.  It was so nice! 🙂

Driving over the Golden Gate to go sky diving.  It was the perfect day!

Now we dance in our own picture, where all the rules have changed

21 May

Wow, do I have so many blog posts to come this week.  I thought I’d just start off with an instagram post until I can organize the rest of my posts for the week.  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  The weather has been amazing here and I’ve been soaking it up out at the barn and in the city.

Picture perfect weekend weather.

Rooftop life style.

Picture perfect sunsets on Alcatraz.

Reflections of the city.

Dolores Park lounging.

I still can’t even believe we got to hear part of Neck of the Woods live by Silversun Pickups at work…. dream come true.  I LOVE this band so much.  Swoon is one of my favorite albums of all time and to hear some of these songs with the acoustic bass was un-real.

Oh yeah and you know my other favorite band, the Wombats?!  Saw them again and had a fantastic night!

Lunch adventures.

My place.

Where I’d chose to be any day.

Evening walks.

Bay to Breakers.. can’t wait to share all my photos from this San Francisco classic event!

Have a great week!

Itchin’ on a photograph

6 Apr

What a crazy week it has been!  I’ve been so busy just trying to accomplish everything before I head to Coachella next weekend and time has been flying faster than ever.  I can’t wait for it to slow back down over the weekend.  Some great news though, I won the LITTER contest!!!  I’m so so so excited about it and want to thank you if you helped me get there 🙂  I can’t wait to share it all on my blog!  Until then, here’s some of my “insta-life” lately.  Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

jewelry making and wine

post rain barn days

Love my ping pong nights in the mission at the Secret Alley with Chelsea and whoever else we can get to go with us

Saw this dog in the park by my work, so adorable!

sunrises by the bridge

Cadillac commercial being filmed right next to work

Just love him

Seaside sunsets

I love the water.

Lake Tahoe

Here is now and now is where I want to be

14 Mar

Some Instagram photos and some just straight from my iPhone with no filters.  Haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought I’d share some more photos from on the go.  Here’s a look at things I’ve liked or found interesting over the past month or so.

First flight on Virgin America was colorful 🙂

Cute idea for a mini arrangement.  This was a mini glass with mini roses.  Adorable.

It’s not perfect but I finally have figured out how to draw on my own nails.

My night rides.

Found a cool, extreme (and hidden) Ping Pong bar in the mission district of SF.  Pretty awesome spot.

Loving these braided and bright bracelets from Express.  Both me and Chelsea had to have them.

A dripping sunrise on the way to work.

Lights, lights and more lights.

Crepes on Haight St in San Francisco.

Em relaxing on the Phazer…

Pretty skies.

My favorite, Grand Central Station – New York.

Brandy Melville rings.

Enjoying New York pizza!

Hartford, Connecticut.

Through the window photo of the building above in Hartford.

Hiking in Northern California.

Love this area in Golden Gate Park.

Sugarbowl with Emily.

Em at the top of the Judah side of Sugarbowl.

Top of the De Young museum in San Francisco.

Taking photos of Chelsea and her shadows 🙂

Lunch lounging.  Nothing better in the middle of a work day.

I’ll try to do these more often.  They are such a great reflection on places I’ve been and great things I’ve seen.  Have a great day!

Insta-life Lately

24 Jan

I did my first post about my life photos as seen through my iPhone back here and decided every now and then I’d do a new one just in case we aren’t friends on Instagram (@Justalittlebrit – my favorite social media program), Twitter, or Facebook.  I hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Traveling early mornings.

Venice Beach with Sarah and Kimmie.

Homemade cornbread, yummm I wish I still had some left :-O!

My dog, Sammy.

This was Kimmie’s Instagram of my time in so-cal and I really liked it 🙂

We ambushed the news studio one day!

The weather green screen.

A rainy night in SF.

I tried a new restaurant with my dad and Vicki this weekend and it was sooo good!

Headed for the hills at the barn.

Oh yes, and I bought a plane ticket to NY for next month – where should I go?!?!  I’m so excited to go with some of my closest friends and just adventure anywhere and everywhere so all suggestions welcome 🙂

Insta-life recently

8 Dec

In case we aren’t friends on Instagram or Twitter already, I thought I’d give a little update of my life lately through iphone photos.  Enjoy!

Waimea Falls

My aunt and uncle’s new lab puppy!



Pier 7 in San Francisco.

SF skyline.


SF tunnel walk.

I know, these pictures are all over the place but I guess I’ve been all over the place recently 🙂

Around town

22 Mar

The rain cleared for a bit today so what better time to take advantage of the little sunshine that has seemed to grace us with it’s presence.  While I was out cruising around, there were so many pretty things to take pictures of.  A really awesome iPhone app that really glams up your photos is Hipstamatic.  All of the pictures below were taken on my iPhone with Hipstamatic.

This was at a flower store nestled in the heart of the Financial District.  Some of the most beautiful roses were there!

The Ferry Building, as you will be able to tell the more my blog unfolds, is one of my FAVORITE places for lunch!!  They have specialty lunches every different day of the week and a world renowned farmer’s market on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Another photo from my favorite Pier.  It looks different all the time.