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I always find myself back here

18 Jul

So many things going on lately, I’ve been too busy to ride for a few weeks.  Being busy has been a wonderful thing except for the fact that I couldn’t squeeze in some barn time.  I can’t go too long without getting out to the barn and no matter what, I always find myself back here.

Where have all the hobbies gone???

7 Mar

After a day of surfing Saturday, I spent Sunday with my Dad and Vicki going to a hobby train show in Santa Clara.  Ever since I was little my mom and dad both instilled in my brother and I that a true hobby is so important in life.  Hence, me with horses and my brother with airplanes.

We were discussing over the weekend though how incredible it is that there were actually kids at this train show and a good handful of them.  It seems in the past 5-10 years, the amount of kids having hobbies of this kind have dropped drastically with the evolving of the internet.  Don’t get me wrong, I blog, I have a facebook, I tweet, but I also never take getting outside for granted.  Growing up, we didn’t come inside until the sun went down.  I’d be roller blading in the circle with my friends or out at the barn until I was forced home.  Same with my brother, he spent many hours just washing airplanes so that he could learn about them before he was old enough to fly them.  For this, I’m so thankful to my parents for instilling hard working hobbies that require a lot of responsibility as well.  On weekends, we were skiing or biking or just spending time outdoors together making road trips to places we’d never seen. I can’t tell you one tv show I loved as a kid.  I’m sure I watched but I wasn’t always waiting for it to come on the tv.  I know the internet is a great thing but I really do wish that more families put the effort into showing their kids the real world outside of the internet and tv.  This train show we went to over the weekend though gave me hope that more kids are interested in actually working on a greater hobby.

My dad’s hobby has always been train collections (as well as real life size trains) and ever since I can remember, we would go to these collectable train meets. He builds large lay outs and works on the machinery he has.  There is really only about one train show a year now, where there used to be 4 or 5.  The train venders are very smart and also carry other interesting pieces besides just trains to keep people’s eyes moving and offer more than just for the train lover. Anyways, enough of my rambling and here are the photos I took.  Enjoy!


Train lay outs.

Of course I liked the one with the horses on the lay out.

There was an entire lay out made out of legos.  King Kong of legos.

Really cool bird houses.

Vicki perusing.

The smallest attention to detail!

So many handcrafted things.

Vintage lanterns.  These are so awesome!

Hand made by thin sliced wood.

Layered slivers.

So cute.

Oh wouldn’t you know there was a cute San Francisco setting 🙂

They came out with an awesome lantern and bird house!

There was an artist at this show that did these amazing 3-D pieces of art that I will feature later in the week.  They are wall pieces that are so incredibly detailed and look different from every angle.

What are your hobbies?

My Medicine

27 Jul

I snapped this photo last night leaving the barn.

I’ve been taking care of horses for people for years but riding since I was a baby which is pretty funny considering no one else in my family shares the same passion for horses.  I’ve been working A LOT lately when I compile my full-time career, my production company job (putting together environmental film festivals for the US and sporadically other countries), and my horse “job”….  I can’t consider horses a job though because I thoroughly enjoy being around them.  People always ask me, “How do you do it??  Aren’t you tired??”  The answer to the second question is easy and of course, yes I’m tired.  The answer to the first question is a little more complicated though.

How do I do it…

Well after having a 10+ hr day (including commute) for just one of my jobs it’s very hard to muster up a thriving motivational energy BUT I can’t imagine any other place to be besides out with the horses.  They are so loyal and trusting considering the size and strength they have.  It’s the only sport where a human works with an animal in unison.  They can read and feed off of whatever emotion you are going through and somehow they can understand.  It’s really, truly amazing and beautiful.

Last night while I was at my barn, I was working with a horse who is in recovery from an injury.  I haven’t worked with him much before so at first he was very shy towards me.  The more time I spent brushing him and tacking him up to go to work, he slowly but surely became more relaxed.  Once I got on him, I felt like I was at home and he released the tension from his back (which is where a lot of nervous horses hold it).  I’m so used to being in strict training mode that I have to remember every horse is on a different level and path.  This one is simply on the recovery to a healthy body after pulling ligaments in his hind leg.  For such large animals, you’d be absolutely shocked how fragile they are.  We went through our work out and he was so eager to please, trying every exercise at his best.  The sun started setting so I brought him back to his stall, groomed him and gave him his vitamins for the day.  Then I was onto the next one.

The next horse is a completely different horse.  He’s a retired racehorse that was saved by a very loving owner.  She’s made an excellent jumper out of him from the bond they have built.  Usually when horses come from the track they are skittish and don’t trust anybody.  This horse has spun a 180 from his track days.  I was able to ride him outside as the sun was setting and as a reward, for him and me,  took him to the rolling hills and just let him run free.  It’s so liberating to just trust a horse enough to let them take the reins and trust that you both only want the same thing, to feel free.

So to ask me how do I do it after such a long day?  I can’t imagine NOT doing it.  If you ever have something in your life that can fill an extremely long and tiring day with a young heart again, don’t ever let it go.

Every horse has a different story and although riding horses is physically demanding on a rider it is on a horse as well.  This short blog posting was only about two of the many that I work with.  The picture posted at the top is not one of the two I wrote about today but he has the kindest eyes, I love to visit with him at the barn : )