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Bon Iver = Mi Amor

22 Sep

The good thing about living in such a largely populated area filled with music lovers is that if you want to see a band and they are touring, they will come to San Francisco or the areas very nearby.  Tonight one of my most cherished, Bon Iver, is coming to the Greek Theatre which is one of the most amazing venues in the area.

I shot this photo of Band of Horses at the Greek Theater.  This is another one of my cherished bands.

(photo credit)

The lay out is stadium style seating in the Berkeley hills with the most incredible sound balance.  I also personally LOVE their lighting.  They have the most beautiful colors and timing.  Now it sounds like I’ve gotten all hoodoo voodoo on you but it’s definitely cool to see!

Bon Iver is slow soothing music.  You have to be in the mood for calming music to listen to their whole album but I listen to their latest album at work all the time.  I unfortunately won’t be able to make tonight’s Bon Iver show but thought I’d leave you with my favorite song of theirs just so I can pretend like I’m there tonight : )