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Another amazing lunch

12 Apr

Days like today are the ones where I really do feel oh so lucky to work in a place that invites musicians in to serenade the building.  Today was extra special because we actually got two artists to each play a few songs which I’ve heard is very rare.  It’s usually only one artist at lounge sessions like this.  Grace Potter and the Nocturnals played first and she blew everyone away with her voice.  She really has a unique beautiful voice and was very personable.  The pictures aren’t so great because they were taken with zee iPhone.

Her drummer was using aspirin bottles for shakers.  It was pretty amazing.

She was so sweet and took the time to meet everyone and hang out for a little bit.

The next band that showcased some of their latest album was Parachute.  The lead singer of this band also had an amazing voice.

Parachute and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals were so great.  It’s so amazing to hear really talented musicians sing their hearts out.  I can’t believe I am lucky enough to do it at work!