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Never too late for one of these

18 May

Well I was hoping to get this up yesterday for Travel Thursdays but got majorly caught up.  It’s never too late for one of these posts though, right?  I wanted to showcase Las Vegas, Nevada on this one since I’ll be going here very soon with some of my best friends.  One of my closest friends, Fiona, will be getting married this summer and she met her future husband in Las Vegas so it only fit that she go back with all of her girlfriends to remember it all.  I couldn’t be happier for them and I couldn’t be happier that we all get to spend a weekend there together laughing and hanging by the amazing pools with a drink in hand.  I’ve been to Vegas now a few times.  Once for a conference and for another great Bachelorette party.  In the few times I’ve been there, of course I went exploring and shooting photos.

I stayed at the Palazzo one time which is the newer Venetian.  It’s BEAUTIFUL.

Palazzo at night.

Part of the room.  So nice!

Our view!

The pools in Vegas are my favorite part besides for probably the shows, however I’ve never seen a show in Vegas!  I’d love to see the Cirque du Soleil there though.  Maybe I need to add that to my bucket list…

The strip.

The very futuristic mall.  Apparently, the shopping is supposed to be wonderful in Vegas however I’m that big of a shopper and would rather spend the time outside.  If you are into shopping though, you will probably want to go here!

Inside the Venetian.  You can take gondola rides!

More inside the Venetian.  I mean Vegas really thinks of some of the most creative things.

You can also visit the sign and take pics near/under it.

Oh yeah, how could I forget?!  You can also gamble.  I like to sit at the slots with friends but I only gamble about $20 every time I’m there.  I’m not too into the gambling but it’s fun to see all of the lights.

The Paris hotel is so pretty!

Looks just like the real thing but much smaller 🙂

Ballys cool entrance.

The infamous Bellagio light show.  I find the music a little cheesy but think it’s one of the most beautiful spectacles on the Vegas strip.

Caesar’s Palace.

The night clubs are so surreal!  This is Surrender.

Bed/tables in the middle of the pool.

Beautiful light fixtures.

The strip at night.

Las Vegas is a bustling city.  It can be a little overwhelming but nonetheless a great place to explore with friends and family.  There are amazing restaurants and all kinds of entertainment for all ages.  It is the Disneyland for adults!  I still have yet to get to the “old” Las Vegas strip on Fremont street.  I hope at some point I get to experience that 🙂

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!