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Travel Thursdays – House of Air!

3 Nov

This post is more about something fun to do in a destination and what better place than my stomping grounds?!  Ian has been here for about two months now and I’ve been loving every minute of it.  You see, we don’t have a “normal” relationship to some people but I wouldn’t have it any other way right now.  He’s normally traveling all over the country/world for snowboarding and I go visit him.  Then when he gets some downtime, we try to make the best of it.  This has by far been the longest amount of downtime he’s had since we’ve been dating.  When I lived in Tahoe he was living there in the winter but of course for a snowboarder that’s the busiest time of year!  Anyways, now that he’s gearing up for his season he was extended free trampoline training at House of Air in San Francisco (by the Golden Gate).  We’ve often gone to other trampoline training centers for his training but House of Air was set up a little differently than I’ve seen before.  I’ll stop jabbering on now, here are some photos.

It’s set up in a huge hanger right on Chrissy Field (by the Golden Gate) with a wide open front.  Pretty neat set up!

Here’s Ian getting ready to go train haha

They of course had the standard dodgeball court.

I love when places bring old chairlifts in for chairs.  I always thought it’d be cool to have one as a porch swing, if that’s even possible.

You of course always must sign a waiver before jumping.  Some of these trampolines can launch you up to the rafters.

Ian started his warm up in the large trampoline room with another extreme sports athlete.  Him and the big mountain skier were allotted their own time, spotters and trainers at the facility.

You can bounce off the walls as well which is always fun.

You can recover for a minute or two in one of the mini-lounges.

Then it was time to head to the training zone.

Here was the group before Ian and the skier started their training.  They allow anyone to come pay for lessons to learn on the tramps.

Here’s Ian getting some pointers from one of the aerialists.

They also had ropes you could support yourself with or hold onto a handle and practice wake-board tricks.

Ian practicing some spins for this season.  He’s always working on something!

Oh yeah and they even let me bounce!  It’s always so fun but these trampolines intimidate me a little bit because they launch you if you do one bad bounce!

The skier practicing some of his tricks!

This is a great place to practice and train or even just go have fun!  I had my 24th birthday at a trampoline center and it was amazing.  We were duking it out in dodge ball and flipping into foam pits.  It may leave you a little sore but a little exercise never hurts anyone 🙂