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Upcoming trip!

23 May

I’m very excited for my upcoming trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It’s such a beautiful place and I enjoy every visit I have there!  I have had the chance to visit during every season and I can say it’s just as beautiful in each season.  One of my favorite seasons to see the UP in though is fall.  This past fall I had so much fun shooting photos all around Marquette with Ian.  Ian and his family are always so nice to have me and show me around.  I am very antsy for my next visit this upcoming weekend!  Here are some photos from this past fall in Marquette, MI.

Ian’s family lives right on Lake Superior so Ian and I walked out on the jetty by the harbor.  It’s a ways out to make it to the end but it’s so beautiful.

The colors are beyond beautiful in Fall.  Ian’s dad sails on this lake, although this isn’t him out there, he often goes out with some of his friends for sail boat races which are so fun to watch.

We like to do a hike to Hogsback which is one of the highest views around and you can see all of the amazing fall colors from the top.

Ian at the top of Hogsback.

I love the amazing skies in Michigan.  They have some of the most beautiful sunsets and beautiful skies when there is a storm brewing.  This day was one of the most phenomenal days for lighting but I don’t have any photos really from this day.  The next two are part of the only that I have.

Beautiful fall colors with the only beam of sun coming through.

Double rainbow.

This is Ian’s back yard.  You walk over a bayou and reach the softest sand at the edges of Lake Superior.  Such a clean and wonderful beach, it makes the most incredible back yard.

Duke dog taking ownership of his beach 🙂

I just love this photo of Duke in the beach grass.

I absolutely can’t wait for my trip and I will have many more photos to share after my trip =)  It’s worth traveling to if you’re looking for a gorgeous outdoor vacation, I know I love visiting!

Aquarium fun!

9 May

One of my co-workers was nice enough to give me two tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I couldn’t have been more excited to go check it out while Ian was in town!  My parents used to take me to the aquarium when I was a little kid but I haven’t been back in many, many years.  We made a fun day of it and I took tons of pics to share, enjoy 🙂

The huge two story aquarium that you see when you first walk in.  It’s so mesmerizing to just watch all of the fish and sea life in this large tank.

There was this indoor/outdoor exhibit where you could look over the top of the tanks at the sting rays and lots of other animals.

There was this awesome tunnel where there was a simulated crashing wave.  It showed what the power of the ocean can do to the sea life and what the water creatures can sustain.

Outside of the wave simulator.

The outside view of some of the tide pools right outside the aquarium.

The sardine pool!  I loved this, they just swim around and around but they just shimmer so brightly in the lights.  Ian liked the ones that would try to swim against the crowd, of course 🙂

The featured exhibit is the seahorse exhibit.  It was one of the coolest exhibits and not because I love real horses so much but because I never knew how fascinating these sea horses are!  There were so many different breeds and they are so delicate.

These seahorses were awesome, they looked like dragons.  Not to mention their beautiful colors and movements.

They attach to things with their tails.  They would grip onto the bottom of kelp or plants and just take naps or bob in the water.

Another featured exhibit included flamingo’s.  It seems so random that they just stand on one leg at a time when they are resting.

Another fascinating exhibit was the jellyfish.  They were so interesting to watch.

They all just moved so slowly but freely around each other.

I loved the turtles!

They are just so cute

The penguins were also really cute and would just swim rapidly all over their living area, rolling in the water and hopping on and off of their land.

The construction of the aquarium was really interesting as well.   I loved this bridge across the second story of the aquarium.

They also had huge life size whales suspended throughout the building.

The view out from the bridge across the second floor.

Ian on the top floor with the large windowed tank.

And finally, here is a close up of the kelp.  The aquarium is definitely something to see and makes for a great date.  Something I’d suggest though is trying to go on a weekday because it was so crowded on the weekend day we went.

Stories and captions to come!

3 May

Wow, what can I say except for life has been flying by lately.  I have been sadly too busy to update this every night but am back in action :)!  Last weekend was full of fun and adventure as is always when I have my funner, if that’s even a word, half by my side.  Ian has been here for a week now and I’m loving every second of it!  We have been making the most of our time together and here are some photos to document our adventures.

We took the Richmond bridge over to Stinson beach on Saturday to hang with Ian’s cousins which was a blast.  The weather couldn’t have been better and I love getting to go to the beach whenever possible.

Cruising in Ian’s car with the top off.  His car is so fun and the fact that it’s a convertible just ads to the amazing summer feeling.

The view of Stinson Beach coming down from HWY 1.  I actually have many of this same photo from all of the drives he and I have taken together on this amazing coastal highway.

One of the cute shops on the strip right in front of the beach.  I just love all the fun decorations in beach towns 🙂

Walking down to the beach.

Here are Ian’s cousins Jamie and Damon playing frisbee.

Here are Ian’s cousins Courtney and Jamie as we are about to BBQ.  It was so nice getting to catch up with them and enjoy the sunshine together!

Damon, the master barbeque cook!  Funny story, this flame actually singed the hairs on Ian’s stomach in an instant.   He was trying to cook a hot dog and the flame just caught his hairs with the wind.

On Sunday, I had a horse show with little Zing.  The weather was unbelievably warm on this day.

This was one of our two tests that we rode.

Here we are finished walking out of the arena.  He was quite the naughty horse in this show.  He behaved himself really well but just pooped out in the heat.  We have to work on building a little more endurance for the next one.

Here are Maggie and Jamie from my barn.  They are two amazing riders and are always so helpful!  Don’t know what I’d do without such great friends in my horse world 🙂

I was definitely a tad sweaty after our rides but so happy to have Ian, my parents and my friends at the show!

My parents also endured the heat to watch the show 🙂

Afterward being in the sun all morning at the horse show we decided to relax by my parents pool.  Of course the dogs wanted to join, too.

Some SF shots

28 Apr

Random places in SF that I like.

The Bay Bridge, naturally 🙂 and walks along the water.

The large art structures inside of all of the Embarcadero Centers (there are four of these large buildings with four different art pieces).

The Ferry Buildings Farmers Markets on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The park a block away from my work where there are always friendly dogs on my lunch breaks.  I love this tiny piece of outdoors in the middle of the city.

The amazing view from the fifth floor lobby.

Anywhere I go, you can count on the fact that I will take a picture no matter how silly it may seem.

Around the city, I’m a tourist

24 Mar

I love cruising around the city on my lunch breaks and snapping photos with my iphone.  Everyday I find something new and exciting even if it’s the most simple thing.  Here are some random shots from around San Francisco that I took today and yesterday.